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Re: Theos-World Summary of Dr. H.N. Stokes' Conclusions about the Judge-Tingl...

Nov 13, 2004 10:47 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Hello John,

Since no one else is answering your question. When Tingly organized the Theosophical community and school at Point Loma around 1900, all residents, students and cabinet members were required to wear uniforms. The students were also required to practice marching drills participate in plays and take up practice on a musical instrument. In those days, it was very common for private schools to require everyone to wear a uniform of some kind. I believe this uniform requirement was dropped after Purucker took over in 1930. Hope this helps.


samblo@c... wrote:

Several weeks ago after you posted links to the Stokes material I posted the question about the Photographs of the Tingly Lodge, specifically the group Photo where I observed 26 of the male members all wearing a "Uniform" and asked what is this Uniform? Do you know? I have seen no answer from anyone on this question and do not know if it is because no one cares to answer or if it is because no one knows why they are wearing a Uniform, can you or any other historian tell me?


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