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Re: Theos-World Creation of the Cosmos

Nov 13, 2004 07:46 AM
by MKR

When I read this title, I was reminded of an incident in the life of Lord 
Buddha. An interested person asked the Lord, about the details how the 
Cosmos was created. Of course, if any one knows, it is the Lord. The Lord 
answered, that what we have is a situation where a hunter was injured by an 
arrow and was bleeding to death and is in severe pain. This is the kind of 
situation that the Humanity at the current time. He said that the immediate 
task is to help the bleeding and suffering hunter and when and how the 
Cosmos can come later when the problem at hand is solved. I thought this 
may be of some interest when the title caught the eye of the subscriber on 
this lists.


At 04:48 AM 11/13/04 +0530, you wrote:
> " The world "spirit-matter" is used designedly. At implies the fact 
> that there is no such thing as "dead" matter ; all matter is living, the 
> tiniest particles are lives. Science speaks truly in affirming: "No force 
> without matter, no matter without force." They are wedded together in an 
> indissoluble marriage throughout the ages of the life of a universe, and 
> none can wrench them apart. Matter is form, and there is no form which 
> does not express a life ; spirit is life, and there is no life that is 
> not limited by form. Even the LOGOS, the Supreme Lord, has during 
> manifestation the universe as His form, and so down to the atom.


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