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Re: Theos-World A Question for Morten

Nov 13, 2004 00:06 AM
by Morten N. Olesen

Hallo Daniel and all,

My views are:

No. I am not using such a formulation.

I am saying that - to the newcomers or potential Seekers after Wisdom -
the socalled ORIGINAL teachings, which Dallas keeps referring to in his emails,
are narrow-minded and way too old formulations of the wisdom teachings today year 2004.

Do you want Examples on that?

The question is whether such examples exist so to suit the prejudices within certain Seekers minds?

Try read the books written by Idries Shah.
Books by R. Ornstein about Brainwashing and "being manipulated" and other authors on brainwashing or manipulation within New Age groups.
Try the book The Sufi Mystery.

When you have read some of these books without clinging to any dead-letter terminology and
without clinging to the terminology used in the ORIGINAL teachings - then you can tell me if I am wrong or right in my views
and where.

I would like to refer to the following page:
Brainwashing, Conditioning and Indoctrination
Denise Winn
Malor Books, 2000

Most of us cherish our values of individual freedom of thought. Yet after
the Korean War, American POW's fell greater victim to Chinese brainwashing
techniques than those of other nationalities. Some made bizarre and even
impossible confessions.

The Manipulated Mind explores the pioneering research that, sparked by this
issue, developed into one of the most provocative fields of current
psychology. Today brainwashing is no longer seen as merely a special
subversive technique, but rather as the clever manipulation of unrealized
influences that are continually operating in all our lives.

The Manipulated Mind helps us to see how manipulated we really are. And in
doing so, it offers us an opportunity to become more self-directed."
( )

Just to let you all know it:
I will be away for a few days and my website will be taken down for undetermined period of time.
I will let you know when I am back.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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Are you actually contending that
the teachings of Theosophy as found
in the writings of Madame Blavatsky and
the Mahatma Letters are "a narrow-minded
and way too old formulation of the wisdom

If so, can you give us a few detailed
examples showing us why these teachings
are "narrow-minded" and "way too old" in


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