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Re: Theos-World received the Peking voice

Nov 11, 2004 01:04 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Hello Krishtar,

Yes, this Peking Voice is a very special edition, and my favorite of all that have come out over the years. I'm still looking for a genuine 1889 1st edition of the Voice, which has been very frustrating to locate a copy for sale.
The SD was first re-edited in 1893 by Annie Besant and G.R.S. Mead, though I have somewhere a letter by Mead denying that he have much if anything to do with this edition, and puts the responsibility for the changes onto Besant. A ULT student remarked some years ago that he found some 10,000 changes. In 1897, Besant published a third volume which is really a mishmash of mss HPB left behind. In a case or two the material was actually an earlier draft of something already published elsewhere. Some of the material was actually HPB's three ES instructions, which Besant re-edited. Some of the material actually appears to be mss material that would have formed part of a third volume, if she had lived to complete it. A uniform three volume edition came out in 1925 and went through numerous re-printings. I don't know off hand if further changes were made in this one. This is the edition that Alice Bailey uses in her writings. The six volume edition came out in 1938. If was again re-edited by a committee working under George Arundale. It was promoted as an affordable edition, and was published at cost. I remember buying a copy of the latest re-printing in 1964 for $16.00! Lately, I've seen booksellers asking $100.00 or more for it. Is the Brazil edition you mention a Spanish translation of this 1938 edition?

krishtar wrote:

Dear Jerry

Thank you very much for the PDF on the Peking foreword.
Very amazing to start reading all those considerations on the lamas hierarchy.
It is a pitty that many further editions do not contain many of the earlier proems and prefaces.It occurs very often in many works.
When SD was first printed in Brasil it came in 6 books sold separately, they showed many " corrections and retouchings" ( deliberately between quotation marks) and in other words nearly half of many books´ contents was introductions and prologues either by Annie Beasant or someone else, but not so much worth reading.
It´ll be quite a pleasure to read it.

Warm Regards


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