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Mind body karma

Nov 10, 2004 08:22 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 11/01/04 10:55:42 AM, cassilva48@o... writes:

>I do have a question on Karma though, one that has always perplexed my
>incomprehensible, I realise the laws of attraction are at work, but I
>cannot get my head around this one.

If we substitute the word "LORDS" with "LAWS" it might make it clearer how 
karma works. Karma, or the reaction that we experience as a result of our 
actions is based on immutable cosmic laws -- since they are integrally related to 
the "2nd Fundamental Principle" of cycles and periodicity. 

This implies that -- since the entire universe is composed of electrical 
"fields" or "planes" of consciousness that are analogous to the seven fold nature 
of our human existence -- all such fields are actually vibrational energies of 
various degrees of substantiality that are "coadunate" ... That is, they are 
in different dimensions of "involved" manifest space that are one inside the 
other, like bubbles within bubbles within bubbles, ad infinitum. See the 
diagrams that symbolize this universal involution at: 

Since all actions we engage in as a result of our thoughts are recorded as 
vibrational patterns on the surface of these fields, this karmic "information" 
can be transferred from one field to the other (by electrical induction or 
resonance processes) until it reaches the highest "Akashic field" (related to our 
"self" or individual "ray" or "laya-point" of consciousness) -- that records 
all our actions in a permanent record which follows us from lifetime to 

Since -- in accord with the laws of electricity (based on the Laws of Karma) 
-- all such action must lead to an equal and opposite (i.e., returns to the 
source) reaction -- it follows that we must later receive in this or the next 
life (dependent on the circumstances that allow such reaction to be expressed) 
the result of every action we make or have made in the past. So, we can say 
that karma is the LORD of our being, since its LAWS of action-reaction that 
govern our circumstances from birth to death, is unavoidable... (Except, 
possibly, through certain yogic practices that change the nature of our being.) 

Thus, it is said -- in accord with the laws of Karma -- "As we sow, so shall 
we reap." Therefore, all evil or harmful actions must result in evil 
reactions, while all beneficent actions results in good reactions. This includes even 
the "actions" of our thoughts -- since mind is also an electrical field that 
transfers its patterns of energy, representing our thoughts and ideas, to the 
higher Akashic field... And thereby, in accord with karmic law, can reflect 
them back to us in equal measure. 

As the Buddha said in the Dammapada, "Everything we are is the result of what 
we have thought." Therefore, since mind is the source of all our actions, 
good or bad, what we are and what we experience as Karma later in this or our 
next lives depends on what we have thought and done, or are thinking and doing 
right now in this life. Therefore, it follows that whatever Karma we are 
experiencing in any lifetime must depend on the thoughts and actions of our past 
lives (that includes even the early part of this life). 

However, it is possible to transcend those karmic reactions by changing our 
minds and thinking and acting in a manner that reverses or mitigates our past 
Karma and, thereby, changes our future Karma. 

I hope this simple explanation of how Karma actually works makes it a bit 
more comprehensible. 

Best wishes,


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