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Re: Theos-World Sambola's PC

Nov 10, 2004 12:42 PM
by samblo

Morten, Ramdoos and others,
Thanks for your joint comments and suggestions. My problem has been 
resident on the new XP PC since purchase. It came with an 90 day trial subscription 
of Norton Antivirus. I purchased the full version of Norton's Antivirus and 
Personal Firewall and when I uninstalled the 90 day subscription Norten 
Antivirus it popped a diagnostic "Fatal Error upon "Install" meaning when installed at 
the Oem. I determined that this is also on the "Restore Cd's also. What 
happened is I uninstalled Norton virus and software app's recently intending to 
install McAfee Personal Internet Suite and to my surprise Mcafee would not fully 
complete the install process and did a "Roll Back," with no interpetable 
diagnostic. I inquired into the Administrator Tools and found that when I 
uninstalled Norten a critical Module, The Applications Installation Service Module got 
uninstalled along with the Norton App.'s causing the inability to install the 
new McAfee software. The catch 22 is that if I reformat, the "Norton Fatal 
Error upon Install" resident on the OEM CD's will of course set up a continuation 
and cause another removal of the Application Installation Service Module. One 
way I may try is to simply reformat and just "Disable the Norton" instead of 
uninstalling it and then attempt to install McAfee again. I have already 
transferred Documents, Favorites and others personal contents to CD. 


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