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Actual malice (libel on theos-talk)

Nov 10, 2004 09:31 AM
by kpauljohnson

Here is a site with some information on libel.

I don't know whether I could be considered a public figure, but the 
things repeatedly said about me on theos-talk by Dallas rise to the 
standard of libel of public figures, which is higher than that of 
private individuals: actual malice. Here's the definition: "Actual 
malice is the act of publishing or broadcasting statements with prior 
knowledge of the inaccuracy of the statement or a reckless disregard 
for the truth."

The record of theos-talk archives, the evidence in my books 
themselves, and testimony of everyone who knew me during the time I 
was researching and writing about HPB shows the accusations made 
about my motives to be inaccurate. The record also shows that its 
inaccuracy has been repeatedly made clear by myself and others to the 
accuser. Therefore the repetition of the accusation is now done both 
with prior knowledge of its inaccuracy AND reckless disregard for the 


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