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re linear/noumenal, exoteric/esoteric

Nov 09, 2004 12:55 PM
by Mauri

I've been speculating about the word "interpretations." A few things/categories come to mind:

1. the worded concepts/notions (exoterics) that "an interpretation" might be seen to consist of

2. whatever noumenal or "more direct" (re esoteric/occult/mystical/experiential) experiences there may be

3. notions about interpreting "noumenal"
re esoteric/experiential

4. Theosophy as an "interpretation"
or "exoteric version" re noumenal reality.

Seems to me that one might detect ("interpret") an Abyss of some sort between noumenal ("more direct") experiences ("at certain levels/planes"...) and the various exoteric versions, so that while "reading between the lines" and "intuition" and "heart" might be seen as helpful while "studying Theosophy," say, (per whatever "karmic/interpretive tendency"), at the same time the "recognition" of such an Abyss would, as I tend to see it, logically negate ("perspectivize/interpret," as it were) all "exoteric versions," in effect turning them into maya per karma regardless of whatever noumenal or apparently pre-interpretive promptings or Direct/er Reality one might experience or "speculate about."

As I tend to see it, noumenal (in the sense of esoteric/experiential/occult/mystical) r/Reality might be seen as beyond exoteric explanations to "interpret" in terms other than exoteric or karmic/mayavic (ie, while the latter might be seen to keep on fostering various interpretations, which, in turn, might be seen as fostering various interpretations, which, in turn, might be seen as fostering various interpretations ... and so on).

This has been an attempt to exoterize or denoumenalize (which, of course, isn't possible because of that Abyss, seems to me) my earlier "comment" (quotes per variations re "interpretions" re "karma/maya") when I wrote: <<I tend to see all explanations as linear or exoteric, regardless of topic. So if one's interpretations seem linear, eg ... what can we say ...>>

While the "heart," for one, referred to in Theosophy might be seen as having a role in making some of such attempts at exoterizing "more meaningful," say, I suspect that the nature of that heart effect (like the "interpretive" nature of "karma") would tend to be seen, "interpreted," in terms of being only as valuable/relevant as would tend to be seen, "interpreted," the nature of "one's karma/maya." In other words, what can we say ...


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