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RE: [bn-study] RE: How do the masters relate to these higher hierarchies

Nov 06, 2004 11:57 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 6 2004

Dear Friend:

Pantheons and theogonies go together with various races, nations, religions
and other separative groupings.  

HPB in ISIS UNVEILED and SECRET DOCTRINE traces correspondences between all
of them.

It appears that the basic wisdom/religion is a universal one and this is
rather historical verifiable philosophy than the divagations of priestcraft
which were instituted after each Great Teacher came to make the necessary

Look at the short history of the THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT since 1875 as an
example of what can happen in terms of separation and opinions in 129 years.
Unification draws us back to the ORIGINAL TEACHINGS -- this is one reason
why I feel it is so important to be able to secure their impact and meaning
now. The breaches and differences are healed thereby.

Accuracy of basic thought and clear logic restore order out of confusion.
It is the "blind" acceptance and following of opinions that confuses. 

It also demonstrates that the information and knowledge conveyed by these
seemingly different schools of thought and tradition, actually came from a
single source -- and this, anyone who studies along those lines can verify
it for themselves. 

I think that is important. HPB wrote:

".divine Wisdom being diffused throughout the infinite Universe, and our
impersonal Higher Self being an integral part of it, the Atmic light of the
latter can be centered only in that which though eternal is still
individualized -- i.e., the noetic Principle, [Manas] the manifested God
each rational being, or our Higher Manas at one with Buddhi [impersonal
"The Dual Aspect of Wisdom" ---HPB Articles, II, p. 31

Best wishes, 


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I think it is clear that there are no definite forms or structures, but an
infinite number. so it is simply a matter of choice which pantheon you wish
to entertain and experience. we just share notes as we go along. 

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