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Re: Don't read this if you support Bush (reply to Pedro)

Sep 29, 2004 04:42 PM
by prmoliveira

--- In, "Koshek Swaminathan" 
<arasophia@y...> wrote:

> Though I sympathize with your thoughts, it seems neither of you 
> believe in free and open debates.
> Let the cards fall where they may. Otherwise we are no better than 
> dugpas.

Dugpas can be quite useful for someone searching for truth:

"They are trained to deceive; we  to undeceive; they do the 
scavenger's work themselves  barring a few poor sincere tools of 
theirs  con amore, and for selfish ends; we  leave it to our 
menials  the dugpas at our service, by giving them carte blanche 
for the time being, and with the sole object of drawing out the 
whole inner nature of the chela, most of the nooks and corners of 
which would remain dark and concealed for ever, were not an 
opportunity afforded to test each of these corners in turn. Whether 
the chela wins or loses the prize  depends solely on himself."

(Mahatma Letters, letter 74, chronological) 

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