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Re: Theos-World RE: look at the world?

Sep 29, 2004 12:27 PM
by samblo

Thanks for your comments as always. Yeah I really have a full omelet on my 
face at the moment which is only a little disconcerting as I am a vegetarian 
and don't eat eggs, lol! I can't remember which of the woman made that 
commentary I referenced but it was not Blavatsky we all now agree. But it is a 
comment that someone made as I did read it, again I appeal to you and the other 
archivists who have much if not most all of the history archived and the means to 
search globally easily to see if it can be found because it is a perspective 
that presents the work of Theosophy for autonomous Home Rule for India by vote 
of the British Parliament.

I would for one value all that your personal experience and direct 
knowledge of affairs in India when you were there that you feel inclined to tell us 
on this Forum. Force-counter-force is always present in human dynamics and you 
saw much in detail there. Has any Theosophist written on the 1944 Famine or 
were articles published in the Journals of Theosophy? Who were the merchants, 
were they extensions of the Rajahs? I also trust the experience of MKR as you 


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