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RE: look at the world?

Sep 29, 2004 05:08 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 29 2004

Re: H P B and Gandhi

Dear Friend:

HPB died in 1891.  

Gandhi's effort, along with many others whom he inspired by example,
sacrificed themselves non-violently in personal protest for British rule's
mis-government and iniquities, to free India began many years later.

The great famine of Bengal in 1944 brought over 6 million poor Indians (men,
women and little children) to horrible death, while the rice-warehouses
owned by rich merchants bulged with food that could have been purchased or
commandeered by the British government and fairly distributed. 

That was never done and never explained. Most of the world was unaware of
this terrible event which matched in horror the killing of the Jews and
other groups, like the gypsies, in Europe.

Do you mean Mrs. Besant? Surely not H P B !

MKR is quite right in what he says about the history of those times. I was
in Bombay as a child in school and a student at Bombay University, and then
young man from 1928 on, and remember well all that took place then. 

Best wishes,



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I seem to remember reading that Blavatsky had reservations about Gandhi 
from the view that they had worked hard to get emancipation of India and
the Parliament was poised to vote positively to give autonomous status to
but when Gandhi's movement took hold it altered the Political atmosphere of 
parliament and jeopardized all the work they had done up to that point in

Maybe you are Dallas or Daniel can cite the revenant statements on this.


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