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Re: Theos-World Re: To Pedro & Anand: Serious Questions with Profound Implic...

Sep 29, 2004 01:02 AM
by samblo

Ha ha! Cook Books are very suspicious ! BTW, I really think it is 
stretching it to make Prescott Bush a major player in Hitler's rise to power via Union 
Bank Corp. the U.S. Customs Foreign Assets Dept. Records if I remember right 
didn't show that much in assets that were seized. Besides, no mention of Brown 
Brothers-Harimann was made and to me they were more principal to the issue. 
Also in terms of financial support to Hitler I think Eugenio Pacelli and the 
Tysson family were more principal in helping Adolf Hitler rise to Chancelor. 
Today the Tysson's make a very stealthy Deisel Submarine that is being marketed 
to countries like No. Korea, China, Gulf State Nations, Israel and Iran.

I didn't know Dr. John Mack (PEER) had been killed due to an accident as 
you describe. wow! As afr as the "typical abduction" you describe that all 
started with Betty and Barney Hill and was the benchmark transition from what was 
the typical interaction from the 1950's up to them. stories of interaction 
with the "Space Brothers' by Experiencers before Betty and Barney Hill were 
entirely different in content. the brothers were not "Greys" but human in form and 
appearance if not slightly "glorified" in appearance, mostly of Caucasoid 
features with variants, this might be due to projections having conformity to 
what the percipient can safely receive in their own mental configuration and 
dispositions. George Van Tassel, Adamski, Orfeo Angelucci, Howard menger, Daniel 
P. Fry, Hal Wilcox, and many others are fairly consistent of their 
descriptions. The departure in format of perception seems to be with the Hill Case in my 
view. Billy Meier later after the hills continued to format of the 1950's with 
his alledged contact with the Pleiadians and his "Beamships." the transition 
from one to the other format was sudden and abrupt, a very curious trait. In 
the 1950-55 period we are only one decade separated from the end of W.W.II, not 
a considerable period of time. I do think you are incorrect about how George 
Van Tassel was inspired to build the Integratron. He published a monthly 
publication called "The Proceedings" and stated quite a bit in them. He wife Doris 
was a practicing Homeopath at one time but by the time I came to know her and 
George she had stopped the activity I believe due to Statute restrictions of 
the practice. I once was shown all her homeopathic equipment stored in the rear 
room of their Trailer Home after George had passed on. There are things about 
the Integratron that dovetail with Doris's previous activity as a Homeopathic 
practitioner such as it's intend healing benefits that George wrote about. 
Beneath in a circle around the Integratron buried in the ground are very large 
coils that were integral to the function of his machine, it was never run up in 
power beyond 70% potential as I understand. He diagrammed it's function in his 

I do agree with the aspect of pacifists and Peace advocacy as an element of 
UFO experiencer content it was found as a prominent feature in all the old 
1950's Experiencer dialogues as typical content being originated by the "Space 
Brothers" and adopted widely by the experiencers as a morale and ethic 

Actually comparative to "Internment Camps" found in Germany, Soviet Union, 
Mao's China, No. Korea, Vietnam. Cambodia, Japan in W.W.II, and many other 
such examples the US Internment Camps were paradise in comparison 
notwithstanding later views about exigencies employed by Nations at War. They were short 
lived and compensation was later paid to those who were placed in them. Can the 
same be said of those other Nations I mention?

>>I read an amusing (?) story the other day of the lady that was 
involved with the peace overtures to Hitler via some of the people 
around Lord Halifax in England. It didn't work out, but next she 
suggested to do the same for the US if they would let her. Hence, on 
2 7 November 1940, there was a meeting in suite 1024-1026 of the 
Mark Hopkins hotel in San Francisco.<<

What Organization held this meeting that required three suites?
What Archive are you quoting Roosevelt's statements from?


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