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Re: Don't read this if you support Bush (reply to Pedro)

Sep 28, 2004 07:04 PM
by Perry Coles

Its a worry fascism is on the rise again. 
In the dedication to Geoff Simons 1998 ed. Of his book "The Scourging 
of Iraq" says

"Dedication - To the one million Iraqi children killed by US 
biological warfare through the 1990's and to the hundreds of 
thousands more that will join them in the months and years ahead."

This book is an eye opener and a sobering reminder that the political 
rhetoric and hypocritical platitudes of justice and the fight 
for 'good and evil' are a far cry from the truth.


--- In, "stevestubbs" <stevestubbs@y...> 
> --- In, "kpauljohnson" 
> wrote:
> > I'm not above appealing for
> > positive thoughts to be directed toward John Kerry this Thursday 
> night
> > for the debate.
> If Kerry is as good in the Presidential debate as he was in the 
> debate with the guv of Massachusetts when he was running for 
> he will utterly annihilate that idiot Bush rhetorically and the 
> Bushad will refuse another match.
> True believers will of course be more Bushy than before, The 
> phenomenon is known in psycholofy as "reverse suggestibility."

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