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Re: Theos-World To Pedro & Anand: Serious Questions with Profound Implications

Sep 28, 2004 05:33 PM
by samblo

Thanks for the links on Pelley, only the "" link worked. But 
the history of Pelley recounted there was an interesting read of a totally 
misguided individual, rather pitiful to me. I also saw no mention to his having 
had an "abduction."
The 1920's and 30's were a little before my time. As I read it Pelley 
didn't really utilize "UFO's" until he was paroled from prison in 1950.

I started my exposure to the UFO scene in the mid 1970's. although I was 
casually acquainted with quite a few "Experiencers" I can honestly say there 
were none to my knowledge who ever issued even the least affection towards 
Hitler, Nazi's, Fascism, anti-Semitism or other bigoted attitudes. What ever the 
UFO scene is, it isn't to my personal experience any of what Pelley advocated or 
promoted and the communications of those who claimed messages from the 
"Brothers" were also absent of content Pelley would have approved of. One 
anachronism having to do with a communicator who, is one of two who I have directly seen 
paranormal events attendant to was that when giving his "communication" he 
would sit virtually motionless for up to 2 hours giving the whole time chapter 
and verse of the Old Testament. I never quite figured out why Space Ships and 
Extraterrestrial Intelligence's setting up a unique communication linkage clear 
from Saturn to the Earth would spend most of the time delivering references 
to the Old Testament as the dominant content.

In reading the "" article I see the real name of the 
Organization of Pelley was the "Silver legion," I think I have seen a documentary on 
the above some time back.
At the time I was having acquaintance in the 1970's at the Giant Rock area 
there were, occasionally some incomplete mention having to do with the 
"Germans" who were rumored to have camped out there at Giant Rock as a "hide-out" 
and even stories that they had buried materials on top of crystal mountain, 
there were several variant rumors that were passed around, none of the people that 
told these to me took them seriously and I didn't either. There was also a 
rumor the George Van Tassel was somehow connected to the Germans as well as 
Adamski. I never heard George Van Tassel show any affection or leanings towards 
Hitler, Fascism or the 3rd Reich. I never knew Adamski. To my experience the 
people that were involved with the UFO scene were really nonpolitical and only 
interested in experiencing, seeing, or communicating with UFO's and their 
occupants, the last thing in their minds were racial polarization's and the bigoted 
views Pelley and successors issued. If anything, mentioning Hitler or racist 
philosophy of any kind to them would illicit a prompt and vocal negative 


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