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Re: Theos-World Why hasn't politics changed the world?

Sep 28, 2004 02:35 PM
by Bill Meredith

With splendid results: Darfur, Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Vietnam,
Iraq, plus the clear possibility of four more years to a man who sees
international relations not as the art of diplomacy, but as the rule
of force and might

Hussein is not in office anymore. Have you noticed all those Iraqi children and women marching and carrying signs through the streets of Baghdad demanding the the restoration of Saddam to his rightful place as President (for life) of Iraq?

After 9-11 we should probably have gotten on the Batphone and invited the Al-queda leadership over for tea at the White House. We could have even given them a fly-by tour of the WTC and the Pentagon. They would have enjoyed that. Perhaps a side trip to visit a farmer's field in Pennsylvania would have loosened them up and gotten them ready to talk-talk-talk (diplomacy).

I am ready to avenge Darfur with you. You know where we can get horses and supplies. I have the guns because, fortunately, I live in the USA where guns are not completely illegal yet.

Do you mind waiting a bit longer though before we go in with guns ablazing? We need to give diplomacy a further chance. After all, of what value are a few more women and children raped and sold into slavery in the great diplomatic scheme of things?



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