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Re: Theos-World Re: CORRECTION: Can theos-talk look at the world?

Sep 27, 2004 02:54 PM
by ringding777

I understand that Theosophy has no direct political goals 
and aspsirations.
Theosophy tries to solve the world problems in a spiritual, 
peaceful, reformatory way.
Evolution by ensouling men and uplift them rather than to 
bring them down to the beast nature.

HPB declares several times that she is against foreign rule. 
That each nation has the right to live its own way and 
cooperate peaceful with all other nations.

That are the same as words as -- I hesitate a little bit, 
because some may be offended by stating this true fact -- 
Hitler proclaimed public several times the same words.
(as a private researcher I read the original lectures at the 
home of a friend in a suburb, I do not read third hand 
"information" of authors after 1945 because they are 
pledged to lie and they never read originals. Thousands of 
books were published on that topic ion evidence of the third 
generation, falsified or faked propaganda "documents" of the 
Nuremburg show trial. To give one example, a Joachim Fest is 
regarded by the lie establishment as one of the best 
historians on Hitler and he publicly proclaimed when asked 
why no primary sources are mentioned in his book: I am proud 
of it to write books solemn on secondary (faked) sources. He 
also worked as counsellor for the new movie "Hitler's 
decline" where the actor lets the monster shout out: "I was 
so near to my aim to conquer the whole world".
One may have heard that several times from Hollywood Nazis, 
but there is not a single historcial record of such kind. On 
the other hand we have several historical documents from 
Lloyd George, Chamberlain, Roosevelt and Stalin on what they 
wanted. Psychologists call that projection. According to HPB 
whole nations can become neurotic.)

Today we see that violent race intermix happens and more and 
more nations are under foreign rule (Tibet, Germany, Kosovo, 
Iraq to name but a few examples). The nations get destroyed 
for the jewish masonry goal of "One World" - one nation, one 
language, one humor, one culture, one consumption, one way 
of thinking (materialism), one food (junk), one music (yes, 
that satanic shouting they call music), one tv ("History 
channell"!), one brain-washing. The rights of the labour 
class and the civil rights being cancelled. We are enslaved. 
But we are lucky slaves. We call it freedom.

Good night, Aryan race. Atlanteans, we follow you!

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From: "Morten N. Olesen" <>
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Sent: Monday, September 27, 2004 11:13 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: CORRECTION: Can theos-talk look 
at the world?

Hallo Pedro and all,

My views are:

You wrote:
"I was trying to show that the Mahatmas were not averted 
from politics
and did act politically when necessary."

I agree on that at least some of the Masters are involved 
with ordinary
But if we read the mentioned letter, we will see how 
the Master is acting about the issue. And that he at no time 
in any manner
are directly involving the Theosophical Society.
If you think he does this, then show you may show it to me.

The letter is not dated. Are anyone aware of the year it was 

Another issue are the words from Blavatsky on politics and 
the task The
Theosophical Society was given concerning politics when she 
was around. And
also how it later was changed by Besant without having any 
Mahatma Letters
in her hands. She had only a child called a World Teacher 
who later resigned
from the organisation - if not in contempt then at least 
disagreeing with
the leadership of it.

But perhaps we should make a new forum called 
"Theos-politics" and invite
some of the pro-Baileys who visits the United Nations from 
time to time?

These are just my views.

M. Sufilight

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From: "prmoliveira" <>
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Sent: Monday, September 27, 2004 9:53 PM
Subject: Theos-World Re: CORRECTION: Can theos-talk look at 
the world?

> --- In, "Morten N. Olesen" 
> <global-
> theosophy@a...> wrote:
> > First things first.
> >
> > We are perhaps entitled to know, What suggestion are you 
> > talking
> about?
> > You deleted my email in your reply.
> >
> > And:
> > It is as far as I see it MHL 78 in A.P. Sinnetts at
> >
> I was trying to show that the Mahatmas were not averted 
> from politics
> and did act politically when necessary.
> Letter #78 becomes Letter #99 in the 1993 edition of "The 
> Mahatma
> Letters to A. P. Sinnett" in chronological sequence 
> (Theosophical
> Publishing House, Manila, The Philippines).
> Pedro
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