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Re: Can theos-talk look at the world?

Sep 27, 2004 05:59 AM
by MKR

One can also look at the writings of HPB and Besant on various social 
issues of the times. These issues go beyond politics and concern welfare of 
fellow beings, about whom all of us, theosophists are concerned with. These 
days we rarely see well known theosophists express publicly opinions on 
current issues. May be they are too timid or working on higher planes!


At 12:34 PM 09/27/04 +0000, prmoliveira wrote:
>--- In, "Morten N. Olesen" <global-
>theosophy@a...> wrote:
> > Such debates are quite political, and perhaps they do belong at
> > forum.
> > Consider this sentence Eldon.
>If your suggestion is adopted and judging by his views reproduced
>below, Mahatma K.H. would probably be excluded from similar theos-
>talk discussions. It concerns the failed attempt to start a paper
>("Phoenix"), to be edited by Sinnett (ML 99, chronological). The
>Mahatma's language seems to echo that of a expert business consultant
>and reveals great political acumen:


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