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Theos-World Re: Mussolini and Annie Besant

Sep 26, 2004 06:59 AM
by netemara888

--- In, ringding777@t... wrote:
> Netemara, (BTW, a nice name, from the German point of view
> it looks like: "loveley ghost")

Thank you Frank. But Netemara is Egpytian and it in part means the 
goddess who resides in peace. 

I wish I had the reference that made Nazi part of an acronym that 
represents that party. You have not read the things I've posted 
about Hitler on theosophy_talks_truth or you would realize you are 
in part preaching to the choir. I study Hitler with the same passion 
I study other figures in Theosophical history. He is a part of it, 
just not at the time of the actual TS externalization.

However you do mention that Socialism is part of that name, that was 
really my point. That is a dirty word to Christians. Just as 
Communism is a dirty word. But if you think about the "democracy" 
that we have here and just how lopsided capitalism really is, an 
outsider might think that socialism would be more ground-leveling.

If I read you right NAZI is some type of perjorative term for those 
who followed the Third Reich? Reich I am sure is its real moniker 
regardless to whether it was stolen, borrowed or bought.

In one of Hitler's biographies he is said to have designed the 
Swatstika and chose the colors himself. That makes sense as he 
thought of himself as some kind of good artist, but could not make a 
living at it. You make a good point: one sees the swatiska 
everywhere but not the term Nazi. I once read that he used to see 
the swatiska above an archway in the Catholic boarding school he 
once attended and thus came to use it as his symbol.

Yes, the Third Reich is in Biblical Prophecy and is said to be the 
healed head wound of the beast that the world wondered after 
(according to most). Thus it is a "great" part of history and is 
great in itself. Let's see, Gestapo was also a term, as was the SS 
or storm troopers. I think they were called the Green police by the 

Frank, I have said too much about him to repeat it here. Plus I have 
lots of haters who think you are anti-semitic if you look at Hitler 
as human. That is what he is after all. I have traced his past, 
present in terms of my connections with him. They were not strong 
ties, but ties nonetheless. As you probably know here in America 
there is an intensely strong Jewish lobby and presence (read 
dominance) in the media which makes everyone extremely nervous about 
being called a rabid Jew hater. But HPB don't back down that easily. 
And it really grates on my last nerve. They even invented PC to keep 
down the rhetoric....give me a break.....


PS: let me get out of the way of the flame throwers now.

> the socialist party would strange you for that... as they
> were forbidden both by Bismarck and Hitler. It seems this is
> in agreement with the Masters who ordered that no member of
> that party must become a member of the TS.
> Hitler's party was the National Sozialistische Deutsche
> Arbeiter Partei (NSDAP) = Nationalist Sozialist German
> Workers Party.
> So the acronym Nazi stands obviously not for that. I have
> heard rumours that the term Nazi was invented by Churchill
> in the 1920'ies, when he still was a foe of Zionism and the
> Balfour declaration. At the beginning of the party in 1919
> which was started against Versailles and Wilson's break of
> his word there were public protests alleging that Hitler was
> a Zionist, therefore the acronym Nazi means - according to
> rumours - Nationalist Zionist. Note well, the Nazis never
> called themselves Nazis! They called themselves
> Nationalsozialisten and did not shorten it. A right
> shortening in German would be Naso, but neitehr friend no
> foe used this term. And in cases they took over the language
> of the foe, i.e. for satire, they used the term in singular
> and plural: Nazi, but never Nazis.
> So if you today find in Germany some stupid Neo-Nazis
> shouting proud: "We are Nazis!" you'll have much fun with
> this double mistake and you know who their secret masters
> are: MI5, CIA, Mossad...
> On the other hand, our "liberators" were lucky enough to
> find a secret secret speech of the monsterand you can find
> the text in many of the Holocaust exhibitions in Berlin. On
> a big banner you can read how the beast cried in the secret
> (of course):
> "We Nazis will rule the world!"
> So there are two possiblities: The Nazis called themselves
> Nazis only in the
> secret, they threatened other countries with violence in the
> secret (no such public records are known, in opposite to
> statements of Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, read Sven Hedin
> or Ezra Proud) or -- this document is faked as the most
> others.
> In the leading Swiss weekly Weltwoche appeared a fewdays ago
> a remarkable article on Hitler, saying that he is but the
> monster in the West. But in Egypt, India, Korea, Japan, in
> the Arabian world and South America he is regarded as on of
> the greatest geniusses ever lived, on par with Jesus, Buddha
> and Krishna. They say further that in Asia he is praised in
> fashion collections, commercials and event gastronomy.
> The Dalai Lama said in one of his Harvard lectures (which
> isavailable as book) that the Buddha predicted the arrival
> ofthe Nazis at the Manosavorar Lake. He believes that with
> thetwo SS men Heinrich Harrer and Peter Aufschneiter
> Buddhas prophecy was fulfilled.
> In a letter from August 11, 1937 to Hitler the then head 
> ofthe Chinese buddhists, the
> abbe T'ai-ksii of the Ta-linSzumonstary of "Kuling via
> Kiu-kiang (Kiangsi)" praisedHitler's success as the German
> were, in his words, the mostimportant branch of the Aryan
> race and that now the Buddhawill be able to be the German
> leader. It is of interest thatHitler said that his work is
> but preparation and that agreater one will come to Germany.
> He never said a wordagainst Theosophy. But he was critical
> against thetheosophical organizations, believing they were
> not true toHPB and are in reality doing the work of foes.
> Was this letter of the Buddhist head the reason for
> WWII?Obviously was the German interest in Buddhism the
> reason forWWI. At least was that the opinion of the Illinois
> CountryPaper (or a name similar to that retranslation), in
> theissue Febr 7, 1921.
> Frank
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> > No Chuck there is a difference, but you are right Hitler
> > started
> out
> > as a Fascist but then, around the same time he was also a
> Communist.
> Lest we forget The Third Reich was foremost the socialist
> party. I
> think that is what the acronyn N-A-Z-I stands for in German.
> Hitler was formerly the King of Germany and in that life he
> encouraged and studied the occult with the best minds in
> Germany at
> the time. He does have an aura about him because people
> don't change
> some things from one life to another. He was totally
> immersed in the
> occult before and as Hitler. He was also an avid reader with
> a great
> library--true sign of occult leanings in my book.
> If he had not been busy being Hitler in that life he would
> probably
> have been a Theosophist--just kidding. But seriously have
> not found
> him among the original members thus far.
> Netemara
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> > --- In, Drpsionic@a... wrote:
> > > In a message dated 9/21/04 12:12:11 PM Central Daylight
> > > Time,
> > > worlduni_news@y... writes:
> > >
> > > <<
> > > Hitler was a Nazi, not a Fascist . Hitler hated the
> > > occult and
> > > equaled it to 'Jewish'.
> > > >>
> > >
> > > Hitler was most definitely a Fascist and considered
> > > Mussolini to
> > be the elder
> > > partner in the relationship. Nazism was merely another
> > > word of
> > Fascism at
> > > the time.
> > >
> > > Chuck the Heretic
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