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Annie Besant on Theosophy & H.P. Blavatsky

Sep 25, 2004 09:17 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

In LUCIFER for October, 1891, Mrs. Besant

"... Theosophy is a body of knowledge, clearly 
and distinctly formulated in part and proclaimed 
to the world. Members of the Society may or may 
not be students of this knowledge, but none 
the less is it the sure foundation on which 
the Masters have built the Society, and on 
which its central teaching of the Brotherhood 
of Man is based. Without Theosophy Universal 
Brotherhood may be proclaimed as an Ideal, 
but it cannot be demonstrated as a Fact....

"Now by Theosophy I mean the 'Wisdom Religion,' 
or the 'Secret Doctrine,' and our only knowledge 
of the Wisdom Religion at the present time 
comes to us from the Messenger of its 
Custodians, H.P. Blavatsky. Knowing what 
she taught, we can recognise fragments of 
the same teachings in other writings, but 
her message remains for us the test of 
Theosophy everywhere.... Only, none of us 
has any right to put forward his own 
views as 'Theosophy' in conflict with hers, 
for all that we know of Theosophy comes from 
her. When she says 'The Secret Doctrine teaches,' 
none can say her nay; we may disagree with the 
teaching, but it remains 'the Secret Doctrine,' 
or Theosophy; she always encouraged independent thought and 
criticism, and never resented differences of opinion, but she never 
wavered in the distinct proclamation 'The Secret Doctrine is' so-and-

"Theosophists have it in charge not to whittle away the Secret 
Doctrine.... Steadily, calmly, without anger but also without fear, 
they must stand by the Secret Doctrine as she gave it, who carried 
unflinchingly through the storms of well-nigh seventeen years the 
torch of the Eastern Wisdom. The condition of success is perfect 


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