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Re: Theos-World Re: Mussolini and Annie Besant

Sep 24, 2004 10:19 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 09/21/04 1:12:11 PM, writes:

>Hitler was a Nazi, not a Fascist . Hitler hated the occult and 
>equaled it to 'Jewish'.

Nazi is short for National Socialist German Workers Party -- which Hitler 
became the leader of and made it the state religion. National Socialism is a 
form of Fascism. This form of government implies a dictatorship with the State 
confiscating and controlling (in a sense owning) all sources of manufacturing, 
production and and distribution of all products and commodities and full 
control of the social system. well as having the power of life and death over all 
citizen, who were considered merely pawns of the state.

Hitler had no hate for the occult, since he was a member of and the stooge of 
several occult organizations in Germany (Thule Group, etc.) who practiced a 
form of ritual black magic similar to the Dugpas spoken of by HPB. In fact, 
the Nazi's were in cahoots with them, and there were many Tibetan Dugpas 
brought into Germany who cooperated with them. Hitler personally was deep into 
occult astrology and used astrologists to advise him. He also sanctioned his SS 
(SchutzStaffel) originally his personal guard, under the leadership of the 
known occultist Heinrich Himmler, to practice a ritual black magic in their 
sanctum seclorum (which I, as a telephone communication expert, uncovered first hand 
when I was assigned to military Intelligence in WW2, and had full access to 
SS, Gestapo and other communication headquarters in the many cities and town we 
overran on our way to Germany) 

He hated the Jews and theosophist mainly for the reason that they knew the 
real source of occultism... The ancient wisdom teachings of the and which 
underlay Buddhism as well as the Egyptian Kabbala known by and transmitted to the 
Hebrew Kabbalists by Moses.  All of which were inimivcal to the black magical 
and murderous practices of the Nazis. 

That is based onial governmentn,

 --  as well as their form of government. Thefore, it was easy for him to 
make them "enemies of the State" and thus sunject incarceration, execution or 
slavery.rebto arbitrary , z
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Shutz Staffell SS
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Actually, hebenign The purpose of the Book burning in Germany at the 
nbeginning of Hitlers rule was to eliminatte all books related to this 
knowledge.Bwrtten material  -- that might influence the German Ppeople to allow 
reccogniz the lies that the Nazis used to brain wash them into accepting the Nazi 
rule.eHitlerand his propagandists dictatorial true ,the Greek mystery schools, 
s by edict/. system of governmenmt ..ruling hierarchy, all controlling 
all business activities by edict. , as well as being the arbiter of ,centered 
around, and and legal -- , essentially as,n, as a communication expert,  
and had access to SS headquarters in every town the US Army overran in France 
and Germany.and nazio party communication Nheadquarters an sdoccupied d 
manycities and son our way through first habsnd , Heinrichknown r'

Leonardo -- hisMI (M)yelephone Tt""nd
n and(several hundred of them were found by the Russians (and reported to 
US Army Intelligence)  dead as suicides when they occupied Berlin first which 
were .) Sabdn,having committed 

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