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Re: Theos-World On second tought, Re: Dear friend

Sep 24, 2004 11:14 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

John, this is an interesting association. Actually the word you are thinking is, as far as I have seen, is transliterated as "Nasi," a title which, as you say, is usually translated as "President." The Nasi presided over the Sanhedrin. At one period the Sanhedrin had two leaders, a President and a Vice President, so to speak. The Talmud, particularly the book, "Sanhedrin," has lots of material concerning the Sanhedrin, its leaders and how it functioned. From what I have read of this material, I must conclude that the leaders of the Sanhedrin, for the most part, genuinely sought for justice, and exercised a great deal of compassion and wisdom. These are not the words that I would use to characterize the NAZI party during the period they presided over Germany.
-jhe wrote:

Being ignorant of the obscurities of Hitler and all that I do have comment. I recall reading years ago on a topic having nothing to do with modern times that the President of the Sanhedrin of Israel in ancient times bore the explicit Title of "NazI." I always considered it a most curious twist that Hitler and his criminal sociopaths choose the dame term to make use of.

John PS: I am typing these current posts holding one eye closed as I had Cataract surgery on the 21st.

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