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Re: Theos-World Re: Creating authority under sweet name of "original teaching"

Sep 23, 2004 12:03 PM
by samblo

Thanks for the pointer and your comments, as always. Actually I have 
several versions of The Yoga sutra of Patanjali. the first I acquired was that of 
Charles Johnson Madam Blavatsky's brother-in-law which I really loved as the 
first version. I later acquired several other versions, Dr. J. R. Ballantine & 
Govind Sastri Deva version, Taimni's, and a commentary on Patanjali Yoga Sutra 
by Rohit Mehta. I also have at least two other version somewhere on the 
shelves. I have Willain Quan Judge's online version saved in my fovcorite's and have 
read some but not all of it at present. I consider myself a student with much 
to learn and have always been eclectic in sourcing material on topics as I 
follow my thread.
Madame Blavatsky reminded the world of the Treasury of Light that is their 
inheritance and birthright in her selfless effort and sacrifice to author 
from that eternal resource, yet that same resource is self perpetuating and ever 
projected by the senior function towards us it's recipients, so I, as you have 
also spite not the gifts of our parents in of the distant past and read those 
of interest also.
I am apprised of a difference in our view as regards "mind" and we all 
have as a condition of our carnate state various positions on it. I tend to agree 
with the ancient teaching that "mind" is an acquired and generated instrument 
that is impermanent when contrasted to the Pure Transcendental Being which 
having never departed and therefore has no necessity of arrival never possessed 
necessity of mind. I know I encourage reply by posting this but it is my view 
and I accept others and respect their views as they find them within 
I had a pretty good exposure decades ago with the actual positions and 
theory as well as practice of Scientology, then as now I was never a "Joiner" but 
notwithstanding that I found much there that is on the mark, i developed the 
view with substantial basis that they also thoroughly researched and tested 
the teaching of the past, in particular The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and the 
structure of the Dialectic of the Socratic and Platonic Schools which they then 
transduced in the "Q's", "Logic's," "Axioms" and other critical technologies 
such as the "Quad Flows ( from the Dialectic Structure )," and the data that 
they published in "Scientology 0-8 The Book of Basics." 

I have no space between what you look at as "Original Teachings" but also 
consider that they are not the cessation of the Veda. The Senior Projective 
Function is ever present and issues from the very Space in which we, veiled as 
we are by the Conditioned Mind have activity as participants of the One Life 
inseparable from that same Space. 

It is agreeably a most interesting perspective as to Buddhi-Manas, but as 
I understand it is Buddhi itself that is basic to condition of duality and 
consequence Karma, at the Pralaya when all has returned in to Original Nature 
where is then found Buddhi that acts as the Intermediary Agency between the Real 
and the Secondary Projective Manifestation?

My best regards and continued wishes for your good health,


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