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Anand on Blavatsky's "mistakes"

Sep 23, 2004 07:04 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell


In response to my posting at:

in which I wrote to you:

" appears you object to 'creating authority'
but you have failed to comment (or to object) to
H.P. Blavatsky's use of the word as in the
following excerpts from THE SECRET DOCTRINE.
. . . Anand, was H.P. Blavatsky trying to 
'create authority'??"

you replied to me:

"Your one question was HPB used word authority, 
how? She made many such mistakes in writing and 
so I don't recommend her books. You know these 
days every word is examined by critics. So if 
there are too many contradictions, wrong use of 
words in writing, using words interchangeably 
then that writing has little value and acceptance
in today's world. . . . "

Anand, I would like to know why you think HPB using
the word "authority" or "authoritative" was a 
mistake? Why was it a "mistake"?
And how do you know it was a mistake?
Maybe it was NOT a "mistake". Have you ever considered

Did HPB also make a mistake when she wrote:

"Mistakes have now to be checked by the
original teachings and corrected. . . ."

And did the Mahatma KH make a mistake when
he wrote to Olcott:

"Every mistake or erroneous notion, corrected and explained by her
[HPB] from the works of other theosophists was corrected by me, or
under my instruction."

And did HPB make a mistake when she wrote:

"...neither Mars nor Mercury belong to our chain. They are, along 
with the other planets, septenary Units in the great host of 'chains' 
of our system, and all are as visible as their upper globes are 
invisible. . . ." 

Anand, I am trying to understand your point of view and thinking on 
this matter and how you are arriving at such conclusions.


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