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Re: Fanatics: a philosophical view

Sep 23, 2004 02:35 AM
by Perry Coles

Thanks Pedro, Will do.
I'll notify the group when / if I get a reply.
Best to call an end to it for now at least for me anyway.
My hope was to raise and hopefully work through some important questions.
But I won't continue to bang my head up against the wall.

I hope Pedro you can see this is nothing personal towards you,
its a huge issue thats gone on long before your or my time in the TS.

Genuine Regards

--- In, "prmoliveira" <prmoliveira@y...> wrote:
> --- In, "Perry Coles" <perrycoles@y...> 
> wrote:
> > Can some official statement of policy be given to the members on 
> this 
> > group not by yourself necessarily but by the Adyar TS.
> For the last time: I do not speak for the Adyar TS. Why don't you, 
> like Geoffrey Farthing did some years ago, submit your concerns and 
> questions to the Society's General Council? The address is 
> The Theosophical Society
> Adyar, Chennai 600 020
> India
> Pedro

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