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Theos-World Re: Dear friend

Sep 22, 2004 05:02 AM
by Erica Letzerich

In ancient Greece the Kaviria mysteries held in the Greek Island 
Samothrace, it was the most ancient mystery and it was dedicated to 
the mystery of human birth. They believed that they could attract 
enlightened souls to reborn. So with special way of life the women 
that were part of the misteries were preparing themselves to have 
the possibility to be mothers of enlightened souls.

Olympia the mother of Great Alexander when she left Egypt and went 
to Samothrace she was taking part of the Kaviria mysteries, actually 
she meet Philip her husband there. But of course they were not 
making anything bizarre. This was part of an ancient and very 
mysterious rite they had in antiquity. After many years the Kabiria 
mysteries were as many others corrupted and lost their original 
meaning taking different forms and different interpretations through 


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