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Theos-World Re: Mussolini and Annie Besant

Sep 22, 2004 02:11 AM
by netemara888

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<worlduni_news@y...> wrote:
> No Chuck there is a difference, but you are right Hitler started 
> as a Fascist but then, around the same time he was also a 

Lest we forget The Third Reich was foremost the socialist party. I 
think that is what the acronyn N-A-Z-I stands for in German. 

Hitler was formerly the King of Germany and in that life he 
encouraged and studied the occult with the best minds in Germany at 
the time. He does have an aura about him because people don't change 
some things from one life to another. He was totally immersed in the 
occult before and as Hitler. He was also an avid reader with a great 
library--true sign of occult leanings in my book.

If he had not been busy being Hitler in that life he would probably 
have been a Theosophist--just kidding. But seriously have not found 
him among the original members thus far.


> --- In, Drpsionic@a... wrote:
> > In a message dated 9/21/04 12:12:11 PM Central Daylight Time, 
> > worlduni_news@y... writes:
> > 
> > << 
> > Hitler was a Nazi, not a Fascist . Hitler hated the occult and 
> > equaled it to 'Jewish'.
> > >>
> > 
> > Hitler was most definitely a Fascist and considered Mussolini to 
> be the elder 
> > partner in the relationship. Nazism was merely another word of 
> Fascism at 
> > the time.
> > 
> > Chuck the Heretic

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