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Re: Theos-World To Bill: These Theosophy Lists

Sep 21, 2004 06:23 AM
by MKR

Based on my experience with many lists over the years, I have seen that in 
most of them, there are only few active members. Most lurk. I suppose there 
are some possible reasons - (1) it takes a lot of time and interest to 
write msgs and (2) many are intimidated in posting msgs since they do not 
know what the responses would be and (3) many may not want to present views 
which may come to hurt them in their social or financial lives.


At 07:25 AM 09/21/04 -0400, Bill Meredith wrote:
>Hello Morten. You make some very good points. Is that not the purpose of
>discussion? Perhaps Eldon will address your moderation issues. I was
>simply offering one possible explanation for why the great majority of the
>list members don't contribute to the list. If mine is not a correct
>explanation, perhaps you could offer another reason that might explain it.


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