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Spirals vs. circles

Sep 21, 2004 05:03 AM
by kpauljohnson


Perhaps I should clarify a point. In terms of finding a way of
working with others to make theosophia a living practice, I've had
three experiences with different ARE Study Groups, called Search for
God groups because they use a text by that name. These were in three
different cities and at widely spaced intervals, in the late 70s, late
80s, and late 90s. The first Study Group experience coincided with my
discovery of Theosophy/theosophy, the second was at the peak of my
theosophical involvement during which I started to write about HPB,
and the third was during my disengagement from organized Theosophy
after negative reactions to my books started to intensify. (Few
perhaps of Cayce students recognize that his readings are
fundamentally theosophical, but they indeed are.)

Each experience was quite different despite the fact that the same
organization and the same texts were involved. Different settings and
people and most of all my different perspective made for more of a
spiral effect than one of going in circles. In terms of "needing a
teacher" to work practically, I prefer a nonhierarchical setting in
which all in the circle support and teach one another to more formal
teacher/pupil settings. Maybe that has something to do with my Quaker

What may look to others like going in circles can actually be, from
the POV of the subject, an upward or downward spiral. I can't judge
the heart of anyone who seems to be endlessly repetitive. But I can
judge the quality of discourse here on theos-talk, and think Bill has
hit several nails on the head in his recent remarks.

Even though there are stale and repetitive aspects of the discourse
here, I'm finding it fresher and healthier lately than in most of my
previous cyclical pilgrimages through theos-talk. The majority of
active posters at this point seem to be truthseekers rather than
dogmatists, so I'd suggest that theos-talk at present is on an upward

Hope so anyhow,


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