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Re: Mussolini and Annie Besant

Sep 21, 2004 01:17 AM
by Erica Letzerich

Below there is some extracts of the article WHAT IS "THEOSOPHY", A 
PROCESS OR A RELIGION? written in 1997 by Alexis Dolgorukii. Anyone 
know if really Mussolini wrote any article to the "Star of The 
Herald of the East", anyone has a copy of his article?


Now, there is some very clear evidence that Annie Besant was 
associated with Dr. & Baron, Julius D'Evola (Who was charged as a 
War Criminal in 1945) and through D'Evola with Benito Mussolini, "Il 
Duce". She arranged for Mussolini to write articles for her 
magazine "Star of The Herald of the East", which was the organ of 
the group designed to support the "Messiahship" of Jiddu 
Krishnamurti (who had absolutely nothing to do with all this as he 
was just a child). Copies are on file in both the Library of the 
American Theosophical Society in Olcott, Wheaton, Illinois and in 
The Library in Adyar India. I am sure they are also on file 
elsewhere. But Mussolini's articles can be read by anyone who 
chooses to look them up. This is not a connection I think healthy 
for The Theosophical Society. 

Considering Annie Besant's immense authoritarianism, one is forced 
to wonder what other qualities she shared with the Fascists? There 
is another very questionable connection here. Julius D'Evola was the 
primary disciple of Rene Guenon who wrote a book so critical of 
theosophy that it almost completely destroyed The Theosophical 
Movement in France. What was Annie Besant doing being a close 
associate of D'Evola who was the closest associate of a man who was 
on of the theosophical movement's greatest enemies. Why too, were 
other very close associates of both D'Evola and Guenon, like Alain 
Danielou and Raymond Burnier (ex husband of the present 
International President of The Theosophical Society) so closely 
identified with Theosophy and Adyar in particular? 

I have long been wondering how Annie Besant, the friend (Mistress 
for 12 years) of George Bernard Shaw, co-founder of the Fenian 
socialist Movement, and famous Liberal, became associated with 
Julius D'Evola who was a very High Ranking Fascist, a close 
associate of Rene Guenon who was a principle enemy of the 
theosophical movement, and like so many other people associated with 
Guenon, a homosexual, and like many of his associates deeply 
involved in anti-altruistic magic. These people are not viewed by me 
as antithetical because of their homosexuality, after all I am 
myself a homosexual, but because of the character of their sexual 
activities. Sexual Magick is a terribly abusive, oppressive, and 
harmful practice. It was the primary feature of the Saturnian Order 
and regularly included ritual murder. In many cases this practice 
included the sexual abuse of children (both heterosexual and 
Homosexual in nature) this is unforgivable by any standards, and 
anyone who so indulges the bestial side of human nature is worthy of 
the strongest condemnation. 

I'd really like to think that Dr. Besant was a dupe, an innocent 
dupe. But that's really hard to swallow when one remembers that she 
was clearly one of the most brilliant woman of her age. Now she was 
clearly a dupe of Charles Webster Leadbeater, there's absolutely no 
question in my mind as to that, but that concerned psychic 
phenomena, something with which she was totally unfamiliar. Fascism, 
on the other hand was a political and social theory and that was a 
subject with which she was familiar and expert. There is an 
explanation though, and that is she was taken in by the Hierarchical 
aspects of Charles Leadbeater's fantasies and saw them brought into 
reality by totalitarian governmental systems., After all when one 
has accepted the totally authoritarian aspects of the Hierarchical 
system represented by "The Masters", one has already accepted the 
basic premise upon which totalitarianism is based.

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