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Theosophy at large (V)

Sep 19, 2004 02:00 PM
by Pedro Oliveira

"Vacchagotta asks: "But has Gotama any theory of his
own?" The Lord answers:

The Tathagata, O Vaccha, is *free from all theories*.
Buth this, Vaccha, does the Tathagata know - the
nature of form, and how form arises and how form
perishes. ... Therefore the Tathagata has attained
deliverance and is free from attachment, inasmuch as
all imaginings, or agitations, or false notions,
concerning an Ego or anything pertaining to an Ego,
have perished, have faded away, have ceased, have been
given up and relinquished."

(From "The Central Philosophy of Buddhism" by T.R.V.
Murti, chapter 2 (V); source: Majjhima Nikaya, I, Dis. 72)

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