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Theos-World Re: Some Random Remarks on one of Perry's Comments

Sep 16, 2004 09:50 PM
by Koshek Swaminathan

I'll be bringing out more material on Subramanian Aiyer as well as a 
list of books (So far, I have only read "A Mystery School in India")
as I'm hoping to get TPH to publish them. I'm also planning a site 
where I will publish these books online and am in the process of 
doing a bio with Ramanuja Chary in Adyar.


--- In, MKR<ramadoss@g...> wrote:
> Have you seen a bio of Mr. Aiyer? Could you post one of them if 
they are 
> not on line?
> Would you post the list of books by Mr. Aiyer you ran into at 
Chennai? Do 
> you know if any of them are on line?
> mkr
> At 06:50 AM 09/16/04 +0000, Koshek Swaminathan wrote:
> >A theosophist by the name of Subramanian Aiyer also wrote many 
> >on theosophy looking at source material from orignal hindu works.
> >None of his books are published anymore but old copies still exist 
> >I'm finding them here in Chennai. When he was alive he was one of 
> >most respected theosophists of his time but eventually left the
> >society to join a "Great White Brotherhood" and has been forgotten.
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