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Theosophical Pamphlet extremely useful for spreading Theosophy

Sep 16, 2004 09:28 AM
by Anand Gholap


The pamphlet which I had made, took hundreds of photocopies, distributed among members of Lodge and kept in lodge library to be referred by new and old members is given below. It produced tremendous results in terms of understanding principles of Theosophy, generating interest in Theosophy among young and old members and making them independent explorers of Theosophical teaching. It increased sale of Theosophical books twenty times.

One side of pamphlet explains what Theosophy is. 

On the back-side of the pamphlet was given names of books to read with recommended sequence of reading. Photocopies of this pamphlet may be distributed by active Theosophical members and distributed among members. 

List may be displayed in Theosophical lodges so that newcomers can refer it even when guides are not in the lodge. 

Mentioned books should be easily available in lodges for purchasing because there is so much meaning in them that students will need to refer them many times and so for them buying is much better option than relying on library.

Below is one side of the pamphlet and after that back side of the pamphlet is given.


( Divine Wisdom or Atmavidya)

There are thousands of people in this world who feel that there must be something beyond material world which they can see and perceive with senses. They want to know who they are. 'Am I body or am I soul ?' Such questions arise in the mind. What is right to do and what is wrong? How to decide that? What happens after death? What is the purpose of life and doing hundreds of things? Why bad things happen in our lives without any apparent fault on our part? What is fate or luck? How can we improve 'luck factor' ? How to set in motion new causes which would make our life and that of people better and happier? How phenomena like telepathy, healing by Pran, working of thought power occur? What is the science or laws of Nature behind miracles? Is there God and if He is, what is His nature? How can I know Him by direct experience? What is true spirituality and consciousness? They try to find answers to these fundamental questions about human life. They read books on religions, perform ceremonies, chant names of Deities, go to temples and do many things to satisfy inner hunger to know truth.

Theosophy (Divine Wisdom or Atmavidya) answers these questions in most logical manner in detail and in a language which modern man can understand. It is so comprehensive that generally one should not define what it is. Theosophy includes everything. Yet to give some idea, one can say it is the Synthesis of Spirituality, Science, Philosophy and Religion. 

Most part of Theosophical literature is written by highly evolved Yogis after careful observation of their own direct experiences and investigation of laws of nature. Number of principles given by them through Theosophy are proved by scientists. 

It not only satisfies seekers of truth but also solves problems in our daily life if one studies principles and lives them. 

Theosophy is not difficult to understand if one takes easier books first and then goes to more comprehensive books. That is why a list with recommended sequence of reading is given on the back of this pamphlet. It will enable reader - beginner as well as advanced - to understand important principles quickly and easily. Once these are studied thoroughly, reader is able to understand almost all other Theosophical books and writings and expand his knowledge.



Back side of the pamphlet

SOME BOOKS ON THEOSOPHY ( Divine Wisdom or Atmavidya )


1. The Living Wisdom - P. Pavri

2. Theosophy Explained in Questions and Answers - P. Pavri

3. Life After Death - C. W. Leadbeater

4. The Astral Plane - C. W. Leadbeater

5. The Devachanic Plane - C. W. Leadbeater

6. A Study in Karma - Annie Besant

7. Karma - Annie Besant

8. Man Visible and Invisible - C. W. Leadbeater

9. Thought Forms - Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater

10. The power and use of Thought - C. W. Leadbeater

11. Thought Power it's Control and Culture - Annie Besant

12. The Masters and the Path - C. W. Leadbeater

13. The Path of Discipleship - Annie Besant

14. The Masters - Annie Besant

15. The Great Plan - Annie Besant

16. The Etheric Double - A. E. Powell

17. The Chakras - C. W. Leadbeater

18. The Astral Body - A. E. Powell

19. The Mental Body - A. E. Powell

20. The Causal Body - A. E. Powell

21. Self Culture - I. K. Taimni

22. The Inner Government of the World - Annie Besant

Talks on the Path of Occultism - Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater

23. Vol. 1 - Commentary on ' At the Feet of the Master'

24. Vol. 2 - Commentary on 'The Voice of the Silence'

25. Vol. 3 - Commentary on 'Light on the Path'

26. The Inner Life - Vol. I and II - C. W. Leadbeater

27. The Hidden Side of Things - C. W. Leadbeater

28. Invisible Helpers - C. W. Leadbeater

29. The Seven Human Temperaments - Geoffrey Hodson

30. Vegetarianism and Occultism - C. W. Leadbeater

31. Our Relation to Children - C. W. Leadbeater

32. The Monad - C. W. Leadbeater

33. Clairvoyance - C. W. Leadbeater

34. The Solar System - A. E. Powell

35. A Study in Consciousness - Annie Besant

36. Theosophy as the Masters see it. - Clara M. Codd

37. Practical Occultism - H.P. Blavatsky

37. The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett - A. T. Barker

(These books are available in libraries of Theosophical Lodges. Serious students of Theosophy are advised to purchase them for quick and easy reference. This list with online books and more information is also available at


End of the pamphlet

Best wishes,
Anand Gholap

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