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The implication in Pedro's statement

Sep 15, 2004 10:52 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell


In your latest posting, you write:


The implication in Pedro's statement as I read 
it is that some people on this group are saying 
only the"teachings of HPB and the Mahatmas
are true" I think is a misrepresentation of 
what is actually being discussed and put forward 
at least by myself without question.


If this is what Pedro actually is trying to 
communicate to readers on this forum, I can
say that at least for myself this is certainly

My own point of view can be found in some detail
in the following essay:

The Fountain Source of Modern Theosophy

The issue is bigger than Besant & Leadbeater.

It can be documented that numerous individuals
(not just AB & CWL) claimed contact with HPB's 
Teachers after 1891. And these numerous individuals
have all left books with all sorts of teachings.
With all the seemingly conflicting claims and teachings,
doesn't it make sense to go back to the original
writings: those of HPB and the Mahatmas and see
what the original claims and teachings were?

I didn't say BLINDLY BELIEVE the original material.
Maybe just try to read, study and understand it might
be a good first step....

It seems this is even more important to do because
of what John Coats said in 1975 that far too many
members of the Adyar Society had never even read one
book by HPB and had a very superficial knowledge of

And one can see possibly why so many members never
have read a book by HPB. They have possibly followed
the advice of Anand to first read 20 or 30 titles by
Leadbeater and Besant. Most apparently never got that
far down the list! Just speculating..... :)


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