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RE: Theos-World Re: endless series of Seers

Sep 15, 2004 03:54 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 15 2004

Dear Friends:

If we are in fact ""searchers for truth," then we have to discriminate --
that means using the Buddhic faculty. Budhi means wisdom.

Wisdom is gathered from experience. It resides in the mind. But some
believe the mind and the man die with his body eventually.   

Those who ask for the purpose of existence and the storing of information
and knowledge, wonder why such inevitable termination exists.  

Yet, there is an inexplicable urge to seek to truth, wisdom and knowledge -
and to use it. 

We store this incarnation after incarnation and can always refer to this
through meditative search and discussion with an interior very wise part of
ourselves (the BUDDHI).

Valuable and true moral motivational views are commonly called "Intuition,"
or answers from "the Voice of Conscience."  

What this is and how it happens, it is usually not well explained. That is
because reincarnation is suspect. Our Immortality as un-dieing Monads is
suspect. Wisdom is suspect. Truth is suspect. 

How do we emerge from a swamp of suspicion, and ignorance? Where does
"Hope" come from? Why do we suspect there is actual respectable and
reliable information to be had? 

One fact is clear -- that we exist for some purpose, and that seems to be
concentrated around the fact that we are mind-beings and can think
independently of all matters presented to us. 

Being a "theosophist" (a loosely named group of independent seekers for
"Truth") we are declaring our independence of all doctrines. We declare we
can think for ourselves. Now is this vanity? Or is there some truth in it?
Is there any decision made by us in the past that we have not given thought
and consent to? Even refusal to think, tacit agreement, submission to
another's will, etc... are all decisions WE HAVE MADE. 

We (some of us) speak of HPB and her writings including those of her
Teachers the Mahatmas, as being TRUTH, why? It is testimony to "sources"
that have so far proved invulnerable to logical and other attacks. They are
imposed on no one, but all are invited to join in considering them

What is, (for instance) the power of the idea of BROTHERHOOD ?

Because we have studied them, and some of us have done so for years, seeking
to find if there was anything of the nature of error or imposition involved
in those offerings.  

And, we have been unable so far to fault them. To that extent we trust them.

>From that point, some have decided to dispense or copy them - so others
might join in this great adventure of TRUTH SEEKING. 

Best wishes,



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From: prmoli
Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 2:15 PM
Subject: endless series of Seers

--- , MKR<ramadoss@g...> wrote:

> Were there not several instances of what is said in Isis 
was "apparently" 
> different from later explanation in SD. When one deals especially 
> matters what psychics can see and describe, there are bound to be 
> differences. Until such time that *we can for ourselves see first 
> there are going to be differences of perception. It also reminds me 
of the 
> blind men and the elephant. Each had a different perception and all 
> correct in their limited perception.


Mr doss:

I fully agree with your view. We should aim at direct perception of 
the truth (or otherwise) of the teachings for ourselves. 
Regarding "Isis", see what Master K.H. wrote (ML 18, chronological):

"(By-the-bye you must not trust Isis literally. The book is but a 
tentative effort to divert the attention of the Spiritualists from 
their preconceptions to the true state of things. The author was made 
to hint and point out in the true direction, to say what things are 
not, not what they are. Proof reader helping, a few real mistakes 
have crept in as on page 1, chapter 1, volume 1, where divine Essence 
is made emanating from Adam instead of the reverse.)"

Perhaps the present-day generation of students is faced with a kind 
of antinomy: "Theosophy encourages the seach for Truth, but only the 
teachings of HPB and the Mahatmas are true".


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