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Beyond the Regions Accessible to Untrained Seers

Sep 14, 2004 08:46 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

H.P. Blavatsky wrote:


No doubt, Mrs. Kingsford, the gifted author of 
The Perfect Way, is the most competent person 
in all Europe  I say it advisedly and unhesitatingly 
to reveal the hidden mysteries of real Christianity. 
But, no more than Mr. Sinnett is she an initiate, 
and cannot, therefore, know anything about a doctrine, 
the real and correct meaning of which no amount of natural 
seership can reveal, as it lies altogether beyond the 
regions accessible to untrained seers. If revealed, 
its secrets would, for long years, remain utterly 
incomprehensible even to the highest physical sciences. 
I hope, this may not be construed into a desire of 
claiming any great knowledge for myself; for I certainly 
do not possess it. All that I seek to establish is, that 
such secrets do exist, and that, outside of the initiates, 
no one is competent to prove, much less to disprove, 
the doctrines now given out through Mr. Sinnett.

COLLECTED WRITINGS, Vol. VI, pp. 132-133

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