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psychic HPB situation on Isis

Sep 14, 2004 04:08 PM
by krishtar

Hello Pedro and all

Under what psychic conditions was Isis written?
If I am not mistaken, there are two clear branches here in the main discussions: the ones who are trying to prove that HPB was mostly infallible and those trying to prove she was not or at least trying do dowgrade her capacity of chanelling precisely the Masters wisdom.
Perhaps expecting to find mutual agreement that she failed many times wouldgive fuel to those CWLīs defensors .
If I can remember the atmosphere in which Isis was written, she was a beginner in writing that kind of subjects and she herself didīnt know what thecontent was all about, at least all you may agree or not, she was very honest at admitting her probable mistakes or " crepts" as KH reported.
There shouldnīt be any antinomy but maybe one should think that the writers, as it is said before, point the direction and we must find the truth byourselves.
Mahatma KH insisted that his letters were deeply corrected before it was sent, but HPBīs works was not a one-hand craft, but a whole of many adepts trying to pass a very occult and complex matter through oneīs brain is not as simple.
Has anyone of you ever been in HPBīs shoes?


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> Were there not several instances of what is said in Isis 
was "apparently" 
> different from later explanation in SD. When one deals especially 
> matters what psychics can see and describe, there are bound to be 
> differences. Until such time that *we can for ourselves see first 
> there are going to be differences of perception. It also reminds me 
of the 
> blind men and the elephant. Each had a different perception and all 
> correct in their limited perception.

Mr Ramadoss:

I fully agree with your view. We should aim at direct perception of 
the truth (or otherwise) of the teachings for ourselves. 
Regarding "Isis", see what Master K.H. wrote (ML 18, chronological):

"(By-the-bye you must not trust Isis literally. The book is but a 
tentative effort to divert the attention of the Spiritualists from 
their preconceptions to the true state of things. The author was made 
to hint and point out in the true direction, to say what things are 
not, not what they are. Proof reader helping, a few real mistakes 
have crept in as on page 1, chapter 1, volume 1, where divine Essence 
is made emanating from Adam instead of the reverse.)"

Perhaps the present-day generation of students is faced with a kind 
of antinomy: "Theosophy encourages the seach for Truth, but only the 
teachings of HPB and the Mahatmas are true".


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