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A Relevant quote from the HPB letter on Precipitation

Sep 14, 2004 09:49 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

A relevant quote from the HPB letter on Precipitation

"You and the Theosophists have come to the 
conclusion that in every case where a message 
was found couched in words or sentiments 
unworthy of Mahatmas it was produced either 
by elementals or my own falsification. 
Believing the latter, no honest man or 
woman ought for one moment to permit me, 
such a FRAUD, to remain any longer in the 
Society. It is not a piece of repentance 
and a promise that I shall do so no longer 
that you need, but to kick me out  if you 
really think so. You believe, you say, in 
the Masters, and at the same time you can 
credit the idea that They should permit or 
even know of it and still use me! Why, if 
They are the exalted Beings you rightly 
suppose Them to be, how could They permit 
or tolerate for one moment such a deception 
and fraud? Ah, poor Theosophists  little 
you do know the occult laws I see. And here 
and others are right. Before you volunteer to 
serve the Masters you should learn Their philosophy, 
for otherwise you shall always sin grievously, though unconsciously 
and involuntarily, against Them and those who serve Them, soul and 
body and spirit. Do you suppose for one moment that what you write to 
me now I did not know for years? Do you think that any person even 
endowed with simple sagacity, let alone occult powers, could ever 
fail to perceive each time suspicion when there was one, especially 
when it generated in the minds of honest, sincere people, 
unaccustomed to and incapable of hypocrisy? It is just that which 
killed me, which tortured and broke my heart inch by inch for years, 
for I had to bear it in silence and had no right to explain things 
unless permitted by Masters, and They commanded me to remain silent. 
To find myself day after day facing those I loved and respected best 
between the two horns of the dilemma  either to appear cruel, 
selfish, unfeeling by refusing to satisfy their hearts' desire, or, 
by consenting to it, to run the chance (9 out of 10) that they shall 
immediately feel suspicions lurking in their minds, for the Master's 
answers and notes ("the red and blue spook-like messages," as ____ 
truly calls them) were sure in their eyes  again 9 times out of
to be of that spook character. Why? Was it fraud? Certainly not. Was 
it written by and produced by elementals? NEVER. It was delivered and 
the physical phenomena are produced by elementals used for the 
purpose, but what have they, those senseless beings, to do with the 
intelligent portions of the smallest and most foolish message? . . . 

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