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Re: Theos-World Teaching Methods and Prerequisites (2nd edition)

Sep 13, 2004 07:03 PM
by Perry Coles

Hi Morten thanks for these posts.
I think that it is an essential part of group work and especially
where there is a teaching involved to help empower the participants
into self learning and critical evaluation of what is being said.

In the reading groups I've facilitated I've always emphasise the need
to keep in the back of our minds that this information should never be
believed and infact may be incorrect. 
You can even make strong statements like `this information could be a
clever hoax' and I say it genuinely,it may shock people but it keeps
the mind open and guards against blind belief.

This keeps us on our toes and encouraged to look at conflicting views
as well as views that may support the information.
An open mind is not an easily led mind.
As individuals only we know within ourselves if this information has
voracity for us it may not for others.

Most people are used to passive listening that is why I think group
discussion is far more empowering than passive listening to lectures.imo
A facilitator can only encourage and hope people will NEVER blindly
follow but rather investigate with a genuinely open and critical mind.
Blavatsky's writings imo encourage and develop open minds rather than
close them.

The simplistic and pat answers found in Leadbeaters and Besants
writings in my opinion tend to close the mind and develop a devotional
/ follower type of mindset.
If big words are a problem there are glossaries and dictionaries to
look up.
As HPB said in the Key
"To the mentally lazy or obtuse, Theosophy must remain a riddle; for
in the world mental as in the world spiritual each man must progress
by his own efforts. The writer cannot do the reader's thinking for
him, nor would the latter be any the better off if such vicarious
thought were possible"

Many people underestimate their own intelligence and think they can't
explore these ideas, getting people out of this low self esteem helps
them come into their own power and to become more self actuated and
self directed.
In my opinion the writings of HPB give power back to the individual
rather than take it away.


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> The text (the 3rd edition) are from a source.
> I find the text to be useful when we talk about Theosophical groups
and when
> we talk about how many physical forums are operating.
> Why are you interested in the source?
> What do you think about the content of the 3rd edition ?
> M. Sufilight
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