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"It is very rarely that Mahatma K.H. dictated verbatim"

Sep 13, 2004 12:01 PM
by kpauljohnson


It is very rarely that Mahatma K.H. dictated verbatim; and when He did
there remained the few sublime passages found in Mr. Sinnett's letters
from Him. The rest, He would say, write so and so, and the chela
wrote, often without knowing one word of English, as I am now made to
write Hebrew and Greek and Latin, etc. [All of which appear in
profusion in The Secret Doctrine] Therefore the only thing I can be
reproached with-a reproach I am ever ready to bear though I have not
deserved it, having been simply the obedient and blind tool of our
occult laws and regulations-is of having (1) used Master's name when I
thought my authority would go for naught, when I sincerely believed
acting agreeably to Master's intentions, (4) and for the good of the
cause; and (2) of having concealed that which the laws and regulations
of my [occult] pledges did not permit me so far to reveal; (3) perhaps
(again for the same reason) of having insisted that such and such a
note was from Master written in His own handwriting, all the time
thinking Jesuitically, I confess, "Well, it is written by His order
and in His handwriting, after all, why shall I go and explain to
these, who do not, cannot understand the truth, and perhaps only make
matters worse."

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