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RE: [theosophia] Re: Theos-World Reading Thought Forms

Sep 12, 2004 11:57 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 12 2004


Are we not seeking the ROOT of CULTURE ? 

Variants are many as both the ISIS UNVEILED and SECRET DOCTRINE
demonstrate. However, once seen and grasped as older "steps along the Path,
those are time-wasters.

Once we have attained to the BASIS, then what have we to do with the many

Those many polemics are for the lower mind. We seek, do we not the
verities ensconced in the HIGHER ND -- BUDDHI MANAS.

Is there room for questioning: Yes. Is there room for argument Yes. But
there's also the possibility of acquiring UNIVERSAL and IMPERSONAL truths
and suggestions.

Now putting these 2 into the pans of a balance which outweighs the other?


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From: Steven 
Subject: Re: Theos-World Reading Thought Forms

Dal-Thanks for presenting this concern .
I think, for most people, reading their own thoughts with 
understanding and consistancy, provides enough difficulty. Even 
though one or another individual may say that they either wish to or 
have read anothers thoughts, they are usually wishing for powers, and 
not for any helpful motive, but just for unhealthy curiosity. To this 
extent I feel your understanding of HPB about these things is correct.
However, I think it is true, in line with what HPB says in the 10 
items of Oriental Pyschology, that different cultures have arrived at 
different "magics", simply by natural, or unnatural, involvement with 
particular groups of elementals, so that they have an easy assistance 
from their surrounding elemental environment in some kinds of 
divination. Therefore, some folks will have an extrasensory ability 
in some areas, but mostly just enough to wet their appetites for 
more. This is because, regardless of our sympathys with Science and 
cutural materialism, we either want to go to someone who, seemingly 
out of thin air, can know something we don't, or divine other's 
intentions ourselves. And, I feel that this happens precisely because 
of the control material Science tries to through over us in regards 
to these subjects, so inwardly we want that awareness we 
subconsciously know is there, whether Science says it is foolishness 
or not.
It would be interesting to live in a culture which supports 
theosophical interest in what we are discussing, to see if such a 
culture would learn a moral respect for the use of such powers, than 
the nearly immoral disrespect for them, which I feel indentures 

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