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RE: [theosophia] Y Factor

Sep 09, 2004 09:59 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 9 2004

Re: A “Y” factor ?  
Is there any divergence?  
What causes it?

Dear Zakk:

Study the coverage of the Law of Karma. All is included there.

Who or What, in a UNIVERSE ENTIRELY REGULATED BY LAW has the power to

What does “forgiveness” imply?

Who or What, in ANY CONTEXT, or situation, has the power to “forgive?” Is
it the individual(s) who are impaired (and impacted) by another’s decisions
and actions?

If anyone or anything originates a current that is adverse to the law of
Individual Integrity (the rights and prerogatives of the individual) and
brotherhood, how does this happen?

What is the power in anyone (or anything) who would create adversity for
another? Evidently it is the misuse of the mind and thought.

Are we to call it generosity or selfishness? In other words, what kind of
motive may be ascribed to such a decision and consequent action?

Either we live in a Universe /World. Environment that is regulated by law
(s) or we do not.

Or, is it possible that all is chance? 50 / 50 is law and the rest is maybe

Why would it be possible for in a "Law-regulated Universe" any being can
arise who can "choose to break the general law?"

These are the questions that puzzle me.

Where is there a simple solution?

Let me say this:  

The evidence is (as I see it)

1	that we have a group of Free-Thinkers and they are also
Free-choosers[human beings] as part of a Universe and an Earth on which
there are immutable and impartial interacting Laws. These "Free-Thinkers"
are in fact immortal beings, pursuing their own evolutionary "Path."

2	It seems these individuals have the power to contravene Universal
Law at will using their power to choose. They can improve or distort the
situation they are in, and, doing so, they affect other humans (Minds).

3	If so what is the penalty? (or the benefit)?

4	The Laws of the Universe act to redress any distortion and in the
process of reestablishing harmony, they act to "educate" the chooser -- by
showing him / her the effect of his / her choices. In other words the
chooser experiences the effects of his choices in time. As an immortal, it
may take to the next incarnations to do this.

Please let me add some notes below in the text of your observations

Best wishes



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From: Zakk  
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2004 1:21 PM
Subject: [theosophia] Y Factor

In the line of thinking as presented in the Y Factor, questions you have
asked me previously are answered.

The questions relate to what I was referring to in regards to "Law of
Forgiveness" and the differences in Linear & Non-Linear Karma. This first
part is a foundation of a line of thinking in which the questions may be
answered from. The second part will have the specifics.


DTB	What is the actual "set-up" of the environment?
Who disturbs it? (Where does that power come from? )
What is needed to effect a disturbance?

Free Will / Choice :
The answer to all mysteries may be simplistic in nature. It is the personal
mind which proceeds and searches into the complex. 


DTB	What is the "personal mind?"  
What is its origin?
How does it fit in with the rest of the Universe / world?
Is it related to the "immortal Mind" of each human?


The desired answers may seldom be found there. The source or the beginning
was not complex. 

Complexity is the derivative of the simple. Where there is One, there are no
complexities. Where there is Three, there is simplicity.


DTB	ZERO 0 divides into 2 (duality)

[call it "spirit" and "Matter ? ]

But DUALITY is in reality three-fold, since there is 
always as a background: ZERO 0.

Hence from 1 (All-inclusive and dimensionless) any division
becomes 3 (three-fold): (a triangle a trinity)  

And from there any amount of complexity.

[see SECRET DOCTRINE I pp. 14-19]
Where there is Twenty-four, there is more complexity than when there was
Three. This continues into the thousands and the infinite. 

The physical is involved in the complex. It is natural that the personal
mind, relating through the physical, will search the complexities for


DTB	What underlies the "physical?" 
Is "Free Will" physical or not ?
Is the power of Mind superior to the power that makes "forms?" 
Can we define " Spirit?" 


In looking toward the simple and the source / beginning of Free Will and 
Free Choice, one can have an insight into the present situation. 

Perhaps the presentation of a new or different perspective on Free Will and
Free Choice will provide an avenue of insight.
The "Y Factor" : The Y Factor can reveal an answer to a mystery that has
confounded the minds of humankind for eons. 

The Y Factor is presented in a Linear based concept in order for the Linear
based personal mind to have the most comprehension possible from it's mode
of understanding. 

It is presented in regards to Free Choice and Free Will. The Y Factor
explains the existence of restrictions. It shows that Freedom and
restrictions are, in actuality, the same. 

The Y Factor integrates the two appearing opposites into one, or by another
perspective, divides a one into the appearance of two opposites.


DTB	Who or What observes this?
To be accurate there can be no linearity.  

Mathematics and logic adopts this inexact condition as a means to
identify a single line and for the moment excludes the "ripple effect."  
To that extent it is faulty and all conclusions share in that basic fault. 

So why use it?

Cause of the Y Factor : The Y Factor comes into existence when Free Choice
makes a decision. The enactment of that decision is applied by Free Will. 
Linear analogy of the Y Factor :  A man is walking down a path. He is in
motion and at ease. The man comes to a point in the path in which a fork
exists. When he reaches this Y, a decision is to be made if further
progression is to be made. 

A decision has to made also if further progression is not to made and the
man will reside at the fork eternally. The man chooses to take the left
variant of the Y. He will experience what lies on the left because he chose
the left. The man will not experience what lies on the right variant because
he chose not to experience what lies in that direction.  
Y Factor Analogy & Free Will : 

The Y Factor is a result of Free Will and Free Choice. 

The Y Factor dictates what will be the possible experiences and what will
not. In the scenario of choosing the left variant, all possible experiences
on that path will be presented with the opportunities for further Free
Choices. In not choosing the right variant, the experiences that would have
been provided if so chosen, will not be now because of the Free Choice of
not choosing it. One may see or interpret this as a restriction. 


DTB	Throw a pebble into a pond. Not only do we see surface ripples but
the displacement of molecules send an impact on the surrounding water as
well as the shores of the pond. We cannot evaluate all those effects,
though they occur linearly as well as SPHERICALLY, and, in "time."

As I say, linearity is a distorted scenario.


This is done when one is ignorant of Free Choices made and not having the
understanding of what Free Will and Free Choice is. This interpretation of
restriction is therefore (generally) made from the standpoint of 
the personal mind which views from the state of the physical / matter.


DTB	To "ignore" means(to me) "I know but I choose not to include in my
reasoning." It does not mean we do not know. It means we have not yet
thought out the full reasoning. It can also mean we choose to not consider
other important and very relevant factors.  

The result is a partial answer.  

The other factors have to be known, and considered, to secure a total and
accurate answer. [This is why in astro-physics "corrections" are always
made along the way. ]

For real accuracy we need to return to basic principles and then consider
all that relate to a single problem. No escape from that. 


Consider this : From the standpoint of time, of a beginning and an end,
think of the FIRST CHOICE. It was not made while in the human state. How
many Free Choices has your being made since the beginning of "time".
Thousands? Millions? Billions? It is Free Will & Free Choice that brought
one to the human experience. In the countless Free Choices made, how many
"right variants" have been made?  


DTB	"Time" is a self determined portion of DURATION.

"Time" can be measured, but is always faulty because of that factor of
partiality. To define it one needs the background of ultimate time -- or
duration. Science, in astro-physics and engineering does this all the time
on the physical plane. 

Application of the Y Factor : 

Many Choices lie on a Path. "In the beginning" the Path was extremely wide.
As more Choices are made, that Path narrows. 

The human state travels on the narrowest Path. Because it is the narrowest
Path, it will appear to have the most restrictions. 

A Path chosen needs fulfillment. 


DTB	How is "fulfillment" to be defined?

If the ripple effect is true then thee is no closure in either time or space
-- only endless progression -- once a choice is made and action is

This is the basis for Karma -- or an "Effect" commensurate with the starting


A Choice is not completed until it is fully enacted. That Path of Choice has
to be actualized or it would be the IMPOSING upon the enactment of a
decision that has already been Freely made. 

A particular Law of Karma "enforces" the fulfillment of Free Will and Free
Choice (referenced in next section). 

When one is traveling on the narrowest Path, it is a time for rejoicing. It
means the end of the "starting choice" is near. Fulfillment will soon be


DTB	Really? How is that conclusion arrived at ?


The Y Factor & Karma :  Presented is a statement which names a Law of Karma
which precedes the Linear Laws of Karma :  

"The First Path Chosen Is The First Path Fulfilled". 

In the Linear aspect of cause and effect, Choice (decision) is the cause,
Will (enactment ) is the Effect. 

Cause and Effect in this scenario does not necessarily involve action
or deeds. 

Nor does it involve thought as it exists in the Linear. Karma, in and of
itself, is ONE LAW. 


DTB	Can you advance any action that does not have planning, thought, law
etc.. at the base ?  

Go as far back in time to the origins of our Galaxy and World: Was it
started owing to thought and planning on both a gigantic and a minute scale

It is said our Galaxy is the reincarnation of an earlier one.


The One Law has an involution process of it's own. There is that which
proceeds from it. It is as the FIRST THOUGHT / WORD. 

It has an involution process. There is that which proceeds from it. It is as
the FIRST BEING. It has an involution process.

There is that which proceeds from it. In regards to karma, it is the "One
and First Law" that is the governing or guide within creation that is
immutable. All the proceeding Laws of Karma stem from this One Law. As the
process of involution unfolds, the proceeding involuted Laws are contained
in and are encompassed by the One Law. 

Free Will and Free Choice are interwoven and "operate" in harmony with Karma
(as well as the reverse). 
Interaction of Free Choice / Will & Karma : Free Choice creates a Path
chosen. One's Karma lies on that Path.

Therefore, one freely chooses one's Karma. Karma holds one on the Path
chosen. The interaction of Free Choice and Karma is one of harmony. 

Each one has a different purpose or directive. The directives align
themselves to operate in harmony and balance. 

Neither "submit" nor is "controlled" nor is "restricted" by the other. They 
operate in unison with each other. The statement of Karma holding one on the
Path chosen can be seen in this manner : 

There is a Priority of Free Choice. The First Path Chosen Is The First Path

Any path taken that is on the First Path Chosen can be fulfilled as one
travels along that Path. There are countless paths and choices that are
within the First. Until the First Path is actualized / fulfilled, only that
which lay on the First Path will be open to experience. 

If this was not so, then the First Free Choice (Path) would be imposed upon
and the Free Choice / Will made would not be experienced. It would negate
Free Choice & Will. Karma is that which "enforces" Free Choice / Will. It
will see it fulfilled and actualized. 

One can not "go against" what one has already chosen. Again, this would
negate Free Choice / Will. One can form a question such as "If I can not
choose an experience apart from a path I have already chosen, then would
that not negate Free Choice also?". 

The answer is no, it does not. Why it does not is answered in the "Y Factor
& The Human Experience" section.

Free Choice / Will - Karma - Y Factor in regards to the human experience and
it's understanding will be in a Part II due to the length of this material.
Also it will involve "Intervention of Masters". 


DTB	What is the nature of "Man?" Is he --- What ?

Why is he involved in the World and the Universe?

Does he live only one life? And upon death all the effort is lost?

Not reasonable. 


est wishes,


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