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Re: Theos-World KPJ on historical analysis of the inscrutable

Sep 09, 2004 02:30 AM
by samblo

Well, I have minor exposure the "El" thing. I was for a time the Trustee 
for the Literary Estate of L. Ramon Tibbit who among his other writings 
authored a small work named "The Book of The Scroll," in which he discusses the 
"El's" the Alphabet of the "El's" and also the Symbolic constructs that in his view 
were all derived from "Line and Curve." He was primarily working from the Old 
Testament, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Egyptian sources. Back in the 1970's I 
was invited to a private lecture and slide presentation he gave in a private 
home. He was also an early Scientologist who had been with the Phoenix Group 
with LRH. He was also a Tribal Elder of the Meewok Tribe here in California. I 
was introduced to him through William F. Hamilton III many years ago in the 
1970's who used to go on and on about the "El's" to me and sit and draw the El 
alphabet for me on Denny's Restraint napkins. There were over 35 binders of 
unpublished research plus color photo's and slides he created showing the Egyptian 
Duat and their correlation to the Proton, Electron, and Neutron. About ten 
years after his passing I was told his surviving wife lived in the city I had 
moved to, I got in touch with her and we had regular coffee chats for several 
years. She later developed a terminal illness and we came to create the Tibbit's 
Trust which I maintained for a few years, later passing the Trusteeship to a 
very close long time friend of Ramon and his wife, she passed of cancer this 
year and I no longer can track the disposition of the Trust Property.


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