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Re: Theos-World KPJ on historical analysis of the inscrutable

Sep 08, 2004 08:19 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

stevestubbs wrote:
I got that partly from Breasted's DAWN OF CONSCIENCE, which is none of the derogatory things you mentioned. The story of wrestling with an "el" is in Genesis and the descriptions of Mt. Sinai as a volcano are in Exodus.
Breasted was a noted atheist, and did have a stake in discrediting Judaism.

I found out about Breasted's book reading Freud's MOSES AND MONOTHEISM. Freud was a Jew and not a Nazi, etc. In fact he was obliged to leave Austria to avoid the Nazis.
And he subscribed to the belief that, if religion was destroyed, religious hatred would disappear. Even Freud, himself, wrote, "the essay doesn't seem to me to be too well substantiated, nor do I like it entirely." and "This historical novel won't stand up to my own criticism."


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