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what makes a more advanced person?

Sep 07, 2004 06:51 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

At 11:58 AM 9/7/2004, you wrote:
One wonders how one could judge what level of initiation a particular
individual has gone through. Many may have problems with claims of
initiation.Of course there would be many who would take such conclusions on
blind faith. This reminds me of the preachers who on sunday sermons claim
they talked to Lord Jesus and many in the congregation do believe it and
then make their tithe contribution.

My 0.02
Mkr [writing to Anand]:

What constitutes a more advanced person? Even more so, what makes one a Dhyani-Chohan rather than just a man or woman? We could draw an analogy from personal experience by asking a similar question. What makes one a member of the human kingdom rather than just a member of the animal kingdom? That answer is qualitative rather than quantitative. An animal does not become human by simply running faster, flying higher, or seeing better.

If a bird flew through a classroom, it would see people sitting at desks, looking at someone standing at a chalkboard. It would see what is going on as meaningless, completely missing what was going on. The sounds of people talking about mathematics would be seen as an inferior attempt at singing, of poor musical quality. The bird would simply not realize that a different principle of consciousness -- Manas -- was in action, and the people were being animals *plus something more*. The people had an additional type of consciousness added another dimension to the experience of life.

Come now to the Dhyani-Chohans. They would be human beings just like any of us, but also having *something more*. In this case, it would be additional active principles of consciousness. Like thought, that consciousness adds an additional perspective to the experience of life. It's not seeing better, flying higher, or any type of sensory enhancement. Whether their sight is limited to this plane or not, whether they exist here or on other globes, it makes no difference.

The distinguishing characteristic, I would say, is profound insight, an entirely different way of appreciating life that is as complex and rich as thinking is to us humans. It is not clairvoyance, astral projection, or the ability to produce phenomena, all of which are faculties that could be shared with beings of all kingdoms. They have awakened in themselves higher principles than are functional in them, and those principles contribute to a richer *here and now* experience of life.

-- Eldon

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