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RE: Theos-World A single question to Dallas

Sep 07, 2004 04:59 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 7 2004

Dear Pedro:

THEOSOPHY has taught me to understand "myself." I do not mean the embodied
Lower mind -- Kama-Manas, but within and above, superior to that is the
immortal SELF -- the ATMA and its companion --Wisdom or Buddhi. 
That is: the Higher Mind (Buddhi-Manas).

Noting else matters.

Let me explain -- briefly:

The Brotherhood that encloses us all, that endorses and sustains, is a
Universal one. All beings, small or large, important or unimportant, old or
new, visible or invisible, near or far, are involved in this WHOLE. The
power of mental and emotional forces originate with CHOICE. And projected
outward, and around us, they ultimately touch all other beings in the
Universe. Most of us do not realize this, or if they do, they,
unfortunately, discount it. 

In the Grand WHOLE they (beings, forces, powers) act in mutual accord and
form a symphony. [Look how the Hubble telescope reveals this enormous Unity
-- from the physical plane. The many rays, and forces that vibrate
constantly through SPACE indicate a corresponding interplay and harmony on
what would be otherwise invisible planes to us. We have two other planes
(THEOSOPHY teaches) to consider and learn about: the mental and the
emotional (interior to us) -- see S D I 157-8, 181-2; II 167.]

1 All of us humans are a single band of Monads who have reached the
Mind-stage. Thus, we, as immortal Mind-beings -- are all struggling, and
assisting each other, to attain the perfection of Ultimate WISDOM -- to know
everything so that we may better act in accord and in support of Universal
KARMA. [Every man-bearing globe in the Universe has a similar band of
struggling Mind-beings, comparable to ours,] 

2 We can all help one another. In fact the place we are at, is the first
area to work in. We need not go on some long trips. Our duty comes to us
where we are best suited to do it. 

3 We are, in sober reality, trying to prove THEOSOPHY, as taught by the
Mahatmas and HPB, is true. We have a unique opportunity as we are living so
close to the time when the repromulgation of Original THEOSOPHY was done,
and we can secure copies of the "Original Teachings." We don't have to
depend on "hear-say." 

So we look for the "original texts," and accept no substitutes -- and
introduce no one's secondary opinions as intermediary "explanations" --
which are confusing and often delusive. In the long run we loose time in

We MUST rely on our own capacity to be true, honorable, honest, virtuous --
and attentive -- and we resolutely affirm and confirm our debt to the
Universal ATMA, to the Mahatmas, and to the rest of the Universe. [ see S D
I 14-19]

I would go so far as to say that with the current presentation of THEOSOPHY
we find that the MORAL and motivational aspect of choice is emphasized -- so
that we can learn to THINK, and stand on our own (mental) feet. This alone
will lead us with surety to the approaching "Moment of Choice" that faces
all humans in a relatively short while -- perhaps a few million years from
now. But the effort has to be made and continued. 

We also acknowledge the debt we owe to the Mahatmas and to HPB, and to
others of their true "Messengers." (Not claimants, who say: "Lo here," and
"Lo there.") 

In doing that, we analyse and project forward the implications of what is
taught -- so that we can assure ourselves of its reasonableness, virtue, and
value to the Whole. This verification is an absolute essential -- otherwise
we surrender our responsibility to learn by ourselves what is TRUE.  

We are IMMORTALS, studying the Universe, and KARMA it great impersonal and
just LAW. It is essentially: "fair play" for ALL. 

We have to learn the "Heart Doctrine," and discard the literal and
materialistic "Eye Doctrine." In other words we need to invoke our Higher
Mind in all decisions ( Buddhi-Manas), and discard the selfish and
short-sighted arguments of the Lower embodied brain-mind (Kama-Manas) which
most frequently opts for pleasure and leisure. 

"The Self of Spirit and the "self of matter" can never meet. One of the
twain must disappear. There is no place for both."

"The teacher can but "Point the Way": -- The means to reach the goal must
vary with the pilgrims." [Voice] 

I would highly recommend the daily use of The VOICE OF THE SILENCE -- it is
a sure guide. But we have to study (and grasp) the implications implicit in
its aphorisms. They are statements of Universal FACTS. 

I hope this is helpful, 

Best wishes, fellow pilgrim and brother, 


-----Original Message-----
From: Pedro 
Sent: Monday, September 06, 2004 1:47 PM
Subject: A single question to Dallas

Dear Dallas:

I would like, if you agree, to put a personal question to you.
I will, of course, understand if you do not wish to answer it.

You have been a serious and steady student of
THEOSOPHY for many decades. Can you share with us what
was the most important lesson it has taught you?

With warm and fraternal good wishes,


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