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Re: Theos-World beslan-has mankind learned anything?

Sep 07, 2004 01:18 AM
by Morten N. Olesen

"It is only when it is dark enough that we see the Stars"
Martin Luther King Jr.

After such an event I often contemplate this sentence a bit.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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Subject: Theos-World beslan-has mankind learned anything?

> In response to the letters on the horrific massacre at Beslan. Has mankind
learned anything from history?From pre stone-age times man has set upon
others to dominate,subdue or annialate "enemy" or those that are different.
In modern times man continues in that same mind-frame.Looking through the
history books,the bible and other contemporary documents reveals that no
matter what point of view that a group,family, nation,continent or
whatever,if they are of the opinion that they are"right" or their cause is
"just" then they can do as they please with impunity and with religious
blessing and absolution .Each nation,group,clan or whatever is guilty of
massacre, inhuman treatment, torture &etc.
> of some kind. Why people do such acts is perhaps not as complex as it may
seem. Those who perpetrate such crimes as well as those who instruct those
to carry out these"deeds" have probably been not been accepted by their own
people whether family or the community that they dwell. in short they lack
of love. Love in its many forms.look at the perpetrators background, there
is rejection,and non-acceptance.For an example Thomas Hamilton , who
massacred those young kids at DUNBLANE, SCOTLAND, was a "loner" he was
totally rejected by the community, the way he took his "revenge" on the
society was to harm the children he abused kids on adventure camps, he
targeted young people.The warning signs were there but no-one seemed to know
how to deal with him.The Police were aware of him, reports were made to
higher authorities, they recommended the cancellation of his gun licence and
the confiscation of his weapons.This was rejected with horrific
consequences.The lack of love and understanding was significant .He was a
difficult,awkward,inward looking man,the community did not know how to
communicate with him.his revenge on society was through the children.
> In the Bible the slaughter of the innocents by Herod also similarly
Pharaoh and the story of Moses is well known, but do not forget the wisdom
of Solomon and the disputed baby story.
> For terrorism to work it needs to feed on fear and maximum exposure of the
media,for this to succeed,soft targets have to be selected.The Moscow
Theatre hostage siege cost a lot of lives, the Russian frame of thought was
that no matter what the cost to the hostages in the theatre the
hostage-takers must be crushed.Things went wrong the loss of life should
have been much lower than predicted but the hostage -takers were
wiped-out.At Beslan we see a very soft target,Civilization maintains that
children should not be party to warfare. The terrorists showed scant regard
to this "accepted unwritten rule of war" with such devastating result It is
starting to become clearer from the survivors that no matter what was going
to happen these innocent kids were going to be destroyed.For the effect at
permanently damaging the parents and other relatives of the area.
> What happened here is evil,it is wrong,I cannot find the words to condemn
those who think nothingoftaking a life in a callous cruel manner.My
heart,goes out to all those people who have suffered a loss,those young
lives never getting a chance for fulfilment to develop their potential. To
all those who will endure the pain for the rest of their lives,physical and
mentally.Let us all take time to send them our healing thoughts.
> We must try in our theosophical ways to try to change the world
perception. To change for the good,the attitude that it is some how great
or noble to die for one's religion,should we perhaps try to get people to
live for their beliefs and to understand and respect the other's point of
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