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RE: greetings

Sep 06, 2004 06:33 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 6 2004

Dear Adelasie:

Please don't view me as anything - only a transmitter -- if at all, and
hopefully one, who by asking questions, evokes the innate power to think
things out -- which is inherent in all of us equally.

I strongly feel that we share in everything -- some call it God-spirit,"
others use other "names" and terms.  

The point is that we ALL SHARE and none is left out. If this were realized
so much conflict would be eliminated -- no one is "superior" to any one else
-- we are all brothers and the ultimate "goal" is the same -- PERFECTION. 

Now if we had only a single life to live it would be tragic, but each one of
us is an immortal SPIRIT -- ONE WITH THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE -- and as such
we have continuity and CANNOT DIE. I think this is a most important fact to
broadcast. From these two great Ideas ("Continuity," and a "Universal Just
Law" -- the same for all, or, Reincarnation and Karma ) 90% of the
conflicts of the world would vanish.

How can we convince others of these? At least we can speak of them, and of
their logic.

The fabrication and placing of the Hubble telescope in space orbit outside
the earth has, to me, a value, From the purely material, physical point of
view it demonstrates an infinity of life, light, purpose, and LAW. 

It has shown that the Galaxy extends for incommensurable distances. In
effect (I have said this before) we all live within a vast SUN an OCEAN of
SPATIAL dimensions so vast we cannot conceive of time (antiquity) or
distance -- In other words our small measures don't apply any more there,
except we can say -- it is beyond our powers of comparative measurement,
physically -- but not MENTALLY.  

Sir Edwin Arnold said it well: (LIGHT OF ASIA, Book 8, (P. 137)
Buddha's first sermon --

" ...measure not with words 
Th' Immeasurable; nor sink the string of thought 
Into the Fathomless.

This is enough to know, the phantasms are:
The Heavens, Earths, Worlds, and changes
Changing them,
A mighty whirling wheel of strife and stress
Which none can stay or stem.

Before beginning and without an end,
As space eternal and as purity pure,
Is fixed a Power divine that rules to good,
Only its laws endure. 

It seeth everywhere and marketh all;
Do right -- it recompenseth! Do one wrong --
The equal retribution must be paid,
Though DHARMA tarry long. .....

Such is the Law which moves to righteousness,
Which none at last can turn aside or stay;
The heart of it is Love, the end of it
Is Peace and Consummation sweet. Obey!


This is the doctrine of KARMA. Learn:
Only when all the dross of sin is quit,
Only when life dies like a white flame spent
Death dies along with it. "


As I see it, we have a single duty: To do good to the best of our ability
where we are. 

The Internet affords us a very wide audience -- of those willing to read,
inquire, listen and then: decide how they will individually act. Those
decisions are in any case individual expressions of freedom. Even the
decision to "do nothing," Is still a decision!

So the freedom of the individual MIND within the ambiance of the Universe is
a reasonable conclusion. It is the ancient story of the Microcosm (the
little Universe -- Man) being a miniature replica with all the potentials of
the Macrocosm (the vast UNIVERSE) innate and active, as reflected in him --
as a Spiritual Unit -- presently clothed in a form of matter.

And what is Matter? Using scientific terms: Sub-atomic particles, atoms,
molecules, cells, (all full and whirling with Life -- who stated that?),

And how do these "building blocks" of the Universe live and work? They are
all under the eye of the great and impartial law. They are eternal. Called
"monads" they have lived as eternal "pilgrims" -- acquiring experience and

The universal power of the "life-wave" in all Nature, causes the evolution
of forms. A point is then reached where the gap between Spiritual Wisdom
and the perfect "forms" needs to be bridged by two faculties: Feeling and
Mind. These seem to make for independence, when one forgets the many aspects
of support unstintingly given by Nature to everyone of us (air, water, food,
shelter, health, etc...) .

And eventually, like us ( having ascended to the stage and opportunity of
being humans), they (the most experienced wave of advanced monads) acquire
the power of thought -- the MIND, and of emotion -- the feelings, desires
and even, passions. And our future depends on our ability to transform our
present "self-consciousness" into Universal Self-consciousness -- a
condition where the inner "God" the Atma, becomes a Mahatma. And join the
great "army" of the Wise, who live to assist all Nature. 

Where do those come from? One of the first differentiations in the scheme
of continuous manifestation and evolution, is the UNIVERSAL MIND. [The
"monads" are in themselves, each, a compound unit of Spirit, Wisdom and
Mind]. The other is the Universal LIFE FORCE -- which, when individualized
is the producer of forms in which "instinct" and selfishness reside.  

So our Mind was "lit up" by the benevolence of Those who can give I that
"spark." I mean: the Masters of Wisdom -- who have learned and passed
forward; and now (not leaving us at all, but surrounding us with their hope)
They extend their hands and their knowledge to help us. Yet, it is we who
have to seek, aspire, learn and practice the kind of life They say is
mandatory for further progress -- as free and independent minds. The moral
nature has to be purified. This makes of our independence a free association
of altruistic, benevolent equals, eager to help and encourage others to
climb the rugged heights of the impersonal, yet always benevolent, valuable

And so, as brother pilgrims, we forge ever forward sowing what seeds we can.
If we choose to point to the "Elder Brothers" of the race -- and to their
words of hope, and benevolence, then I believe we are doing something useful
-- not for ourselves, but for everyone else.  

Why live at all if we cannot be of service?

Best wishes, -- as always --


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