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Re: What is Theosophy? Geoffrey Farthing Manifest

Sep 06, 2004 03:18 AM
by Erica Letzerich


Theosophy is its more elevated aspect is pure altruism and is 
embodied in any action that aims the good of all. The Mahatmas 
themselves were involved with politics. Why? Because its not 
everybody that can realize theosophy from within. A more just word 
that offer condition for the harmonic development of humanity it's 
a dream that theosophists hold. 

Practical actions will be necesseraly connected to politics. Of 
course the theosophical society has not as aim to get involved with 
politics, and should not ever. But every member that wishes so why 
not? Is that not theosophical? In the Mahatmas Letters we find more 
them obvious statement that express clear that they were involved 
with politics.

"A crisis, in a certain sense, is upon us now, and must be met. I 
might say two crises -- one, the Society's, the other for Tibet. 
For, I may tell you in confidence, that Russia is gradually massing 
her forces for a future invasion of that country under the pretext 
of a Chinese War. If she does not succeed it will be due to us; and 
herein, at least we will deserve your gratitude" Letter number 4 KH.

When Geoffrey Farthing says about Annie Besant:

...This is not in any way to say that she did not do an immense 
amount of good in establishing schools and colleges and altering 
social practices, but these activities are not specifically 
theosophical. Politics aims to change systems for the benefit of 
people; Theosophy aims to change people themselves for the long term 
benefit of humanity itself...

So upon what light Geoffrey Farthing concluded that practical 
political actions related to the benefit of humanity it is not 
theosophy? If theosophy in its very base its pure altruism and love, 
such can be expressed also into practical political actions for a 
better world.


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