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Re: Theos-World What is Theosophy...another angle

Sep 06, 2004 00:43 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 09/03/04 11:50:11 AM, writes:

>What is Theosophy actually?
>A possible answer:
>The most obvious question of all is for us the most difficult 
>question. But I'll try to answer. Theosophy is experience of life 
>through a method of dealing with life and human relations. This 
>method is based on an understanding of man, which places at one's 
>disposal the means to organize one's relationships and one's learning 
>systems. So instead of saying that Theosophy is a body of thought in 
>which you believe certain things and don't believe other things, we 
>say that the Theosophical experience has to be provoked in a person. 
>Once provoked, it becomes his own property, rather as a person 
>masters an art. 

Yes, but theosophy is also a "body of thought" based on ideas and fundamental 
principles concerning the origin and genesis of both the Cosmos and its 
reflection in the evolution of humanity and the nature of being in general -- that 
doesn't have to be "believed" without thought, but that can be verified 
through one's looking within and by study and practice empowered by one's individual 
self devised and self determined efforts... And, thereby, finding and 
following one's true Master and teacher of all the "arts" -- of both living and 
being. One can spend one's whole life following the directions of many gurus and 
doing all sorts of good works -- only to find in the end that the real teacher 
is that Master within. 

It's obvious that the "theosophical experience" which leads to an 
understanding of Universal Brotherhood and its expression in one's relationship to others 
can only come about in that manner. That's the only "learning system" that 
can have any value in the long run. "Theosophy is as theosophy does" and 
"Physician, heal thyself" perfectly reflects this. 

>So what er the various theosophical groups provoking
>in the our theosophical age of Idolatry?

What difference does it make? "Theosophy" per se has no relationship to 
organized groups or the idolatry they might or might not promote... Since 
theosophy is directed solely to the self within each of us -- for the sole purpose of 
attaining our individual self realization or enlightenment -- that has no 
dependence on authority, beliefs, rituals, or "faith" in idols or teachers. 


>M. Sufilight

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